By: Ian Tham

Christmas is the season to rejoice and be joyful. Your man deserve an exceptional night of fun and intimacy. Re- ignite his passion and make it an unforgettable night. The secret is have confidence. You need preparation. Proper dieting and nutrition plus regular exercise is needed to firm up and tone up your body.

Consider nvesting in stripping class where you can learn to strut, dance and strip in style. Put him in the right mood by giving him a glass of wine. Dim the lights and turn on the soft romantic music. The sexy colors for lingerie is red and black. White, grey, purple, royal blue are also the festive season colors.There are different styles available this winter season including retro 60s look with spots and polka dots, oriental design with mandarin shapes and kimono prints and lastly, animal prints which feature animals like tiger , zebra or leopard.

You may want your man to get in on the act. Let him take charge and slowly remove the different pieces from the bra, panty to the stockings. Find out his secret fantasy and both of you can role play together.

You need the right costume to dazzle your man. There are plenty of costumes out there with different themes such as Santa's helper, French maid, Wonder Woman, Cow-girl, Devil and many others.In fact, you don't even need to take off the costume skirt when you are having sex. Heighten his excitement and tension by having as many layers of clothing as possible.

You can start off with a night robe. The next layer can be a chemise, camisole and bustier. Get a see-through chemise to bring up the temperature. Another key idea is expose as much skin as possible. So ideally a chemise will do.

Finally, he will reach the final layer of undergarment. Wear a bra that fits you. Make sure that bra is not too big and hides your ample bosom. Push up bras do enhance the cleavage. Strapless bras turn me on too. Without doubt, lacy bras are the most ideal for a night of intimacy with your man. I also like bras with bows , ribbons and embrodiery for an added touch of femminity.Silk, leather and satin are alternative lingerie material.

As I have mentioned earlier the more skin you show the better it. If you got a great body and you are not afraid to flaunt it, show off your body by wearing a thong. When passion are flaming hot and there is not a moment to spare you can leave it on during sex. To tease him further, you can wear a face mask too.

For an added sparkle, you may want to get a crystal bra. This doesn't come cheap but rest assured it is a fraction of what a diamond studded bra would cost! Other innovative ideas include wearing a candy bra and panty. Make sure you are washed thoroughly before eating.

If you like skin tight lingerie to reveal your curves, you can choose from a variety of items such as a bodysuit, corset, body stocking or teddy. If you have comfort in mind, a loose fitting item such as a baby doll would be your ideal choice. I like see -through baby doll with slits in front to reveal more skin.

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