From giant shopping malls to colorful markets, in Dubai, everyone can find goods to his taste and for every budget.

TOP 5 Tips to Make Your Shopping in Dubai Effective

1. Go shopping in Dubai in the middle of the month. Local residents draw their salaries at the beginning and at the end of each month and spend it immediately. Therefore, it will be crowded in shopping malls.

2. In Dubai, it is not common to put all the goods on the counter. Therefore, if you like something, but there is no appropriate size or color, just ask the seller about them.

3. Take your time spending all your money in one mall or boutique. Mix business with pleasure (you’re on vacation!): Walk around the markets, visit several malls, compare prices. You can even rent a Ferrari for a day to make this in great comfort. This luxury car will give you the best driving experience: it will make you fast change the malls due to acceleration up to 320 km/h and prevent you from chaotically buying up everything you see as it has only two seats and no huge trunk.

4. To bring the price down, you can only pay in cash. Also, try to smile more: This way you can win the seller's favor.

5. Be careful when buying electronics, all documents must be stamped.

Calendar of Festivals and Sales in Dubai in 2022

● Chinese New Year — from January 30 till February 12

● Holy Month of Ramadan — from April 2 till May 7

● 3-Day Super Sale — in May

● Dubai Summer Surprise — from June 30 till September 3

● Dubai Home Festival — from September 15 till October 1

● Festival of Lights — from October 13 till October 27

● 3-Day Super Sale — in November

What to Buy in Dubai?

Unique souvenirs, clothes from the world's best designers, special coffee, and oriental rugs — you can find in Dubai everything you want.

Jewelry. Due to high quality, an appealing form, and reasonable price, jewelry in Dubai is the most popular item.

Perfumes and incense. Arabic perfumes have been winning the hearts of people from all over the world since the 13th century. The oriental perfume differs from the European one: It consists of a mixture of aromatic oils and there is no alcohol in it.

Pillows and rugs. The local rugs are known worldwide for their excellent making. They are made both at the factory and by hand. Textiles are also bright, close, and durable.

Coffee. The traditional coffee drink in Dubai is usually called "kahva", it has a unique bitter aftertaste due to cardamom. It also contains antioxidants and nutrients, which is good for the health.

Sweets. Dates, marshmallow, sorbet, nougat, Turkish delight, and halva. All sweets are a piece of art, with silver frosting, caramel shaving, and sugar nuts.

Fabrics. It is almost impossible to pass the shops with gorgeous cashmere fabrics. A shawl with a bright pattern or unusual print will be an ideal gift for your mother or granny.

Souvenirs. The most popular ones are items depicting a camel — a sacred animal for the local residents — and “Seven Sands”. These are pictures made from colorful sand.

Clothes. Dresses, tracksuit, puffy jacket, coat, sneakers, shoes, boots, underwear — and everything from world brands.

Where are the prices?

The highest prices, as well as the highest level of service, are in shopping centers.

You can find lower prices at the famous Dubai Duty Free — the world's largest duty free shop at Dubai International Airport.

In the third place, there are shopping malls with thousands of stores. The prices here are the most reasonable, and this is the place where most tourists shop.

The Best Time for Shopping

December — February

Post-New Year sales are a common occurrence in many countries, but since 1996, a traditional shopping festival has been held in Dubai. From the end of December to the beginning of February, the city turns into a large shopping mall: Many well-known world brands are presented here with discounts from 25% to 75%. One of the favorite shopping centers of both locals and tourists is Dubai Mall.

June — August

From June to August, the Dubai Summer Surprises festival is held, which attracts guests from all over the world not only with tempting discount offers, but also with a rich entertainment program.


In the capital of the UAE, the discount season begins at the end of March. And these are discounts not only on goods, but also on excursions, hotels, and also restaurants.

Don’t forget all our tips, and your shopping in Dubai will be unforgettable!