By : Mathew Thomson

Business is about running numbers and managing money. It is all about keeping track on where the money is coming from and where it is going. One who doesn't keep a tab on it nearly always loses money and sometimes the business as well. Accounting software are a boon from heaven - or so they seem- as they reduce one's accounting burdens to such an unimaginable degree that one is left wondering if he overestimated the gravity of the problem in the first place.

One such accounting software is the software for payroll accounting, which is an effective tool to meet the needs of small businesses, companies, institutions and the giant multinational corporations. The software is a feat not only to the business houses but also to non profit earning institutions like NGOs because, whether or not an establishment seeks financial profit, it always has to make payments to its employees and the others who render any kind of service to its cause.

Payroll accounting software assists in calculating employee wages, salaries, withholdings, taxes, tax deductions and bonuses, timely and accurately.

The features on the software allow one to keep the manual labor and paper work minimal. It also makes it easy to track annual, monthly, quarterly and weekly pay checks issued. Besides, it is easy to manage tax forms related to payroll.

Preparing MIS reports, transaction entries, return forms, master entries and utilities becomes real easy. Graphical representation is another thing that becomes virtually a cakewalk with the software. Time and effort is thus minimized and the output maximized besides the process is made simpler and more accurate. The MIS reports prepared with the help of the software give a clear picture regarding the payroll and the attendance of the employees.

Handling of federal and state withholding taxes is also done more smoothly with the accounting software. To have accounting software loaded, all you need is a 10 MB space on your disk and a CD-ROM drive. Since, the accounting software is compatible with Windows 95, 98, 2000 and XP, which most of us use, there shouldn't be any problem with getting software on your PC.

It becomes a little difficult to choose the right accounting software due to the presence of a huge number of companies fielding them. So, the best is to have a trial version installed, fiddle with it a little, and find out which of the software you are most comfortable with. Second important thing to be considered is the need. You must choose software that satisfies your needs and can do a little more. Choosing something that is cheap but can't meet your needs is useless and getting something that has too much on it that you don't need is plain extravagance. For, both of these things are not healthy for your business.

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