By: Sheila Dicks

What does it take to dress well? Having lots of money? Well, that helps but most of all it takes organization, knowing yourself and your body and taking the time to get it right. Being well dressed is not about wearing the latest fashions; it is about knowing yourself and the styles that look best on you regardless of the latest trends. Keeping up with the latest trends is not only time consuming and costly but hard work.

If you keep up with current trends and you do it correctly then you probably have an eye for line and design; being fashionable is important to you and because you are a natural, it comes easy. However, for most women this is not the case. For some, its a struggle to put colors together let alone patterns, shapes and fabric. To bring those elements together and keep them in harmony with hair, makeup and accessories can be a huge challenge.

The elements of being well dressed:

1. Organization:
An organized dresser knows what she owns and the items she needs to complete a look. When she goes shopping she has a list and sticks to it. Her clothes are neat and organized where they can be easily seen and outfits can be put together quickly.

2. Knowing yourself: A well-dressed woman knows her personal style so she is never tempted to buy an item that is not perfect for her. She has accessed her lifestyle, her personality and knows what style looks best on her and what she feels most comfortable wearing.

3. Knowing your body type: Women who know their body type and what lines look best on them feel better about the choices they make. Shopping is much simpler because unflattering shapes can be passed over and a lot of money saved when she knows what looks best.

So, you are organized, you know yourself and your body type. Is there anything else? A well-dressed woman is able to take all these elements and put them together with ease. She knows how to match styles, how accentuate, what to wear to certain events and is confident about her choices. In every situation she is feels confident about how she is dressed and is free to tackle the business at hand.

You may be thinking, whew!! Thats a lot to learn. The bottom line is it can be learned. Everyone can be well dressed if they take the time and learn about themselves and what styles look best on them.

About The Author:

Sheila Dicks is an Image and Wardrobe consultant who helps women feel more confident by dressing to suit their body type. To get tips on how to dress slimmer and find your best styles get a copy of her ebook Image Makeover at or go to to get the Free Report 7 Things Your irlfriends Wont Tell You About Beauty and Fashion.

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