3 Essential Steps to Find Your Fashion Philosophy

Melissa A. Browne

(Views expressed in this article are the personal opinion of the author.)

Two questions I am asked most from clients and friends are How do I find my style? and How do you always look so pulled together? Well my bold beauties I hope to answer that for you all today. Before I give you my thoughts, you first need to know that discovering your style takes time and you will make a few mistakes. Here are The Bold Beauties 3 Essential Steps:

1) Be honest - Honesty is an often overlooked step when it comes to finding your style philosophy. What do I mean by honesty? To have your clothes represent you and your image, you must be honest about a few things including your size, shape, lifestyle, and budget. If you are a mother to young children, it is unrealistic to want style like Victoria Beckham, lets face it; she has a hot husband and lots of help. I doubt shes chasing her children around in a pair of 6-inch Louboutins.

The thing to be most honest about is your current body, not what it used to look like or what you want it to look like, but what it looks like now. I had to learn this lesson as well. Once I learned to embrace my curves, not hide or over-expose them, my style truly developed. The worst thing you can do and the biggest gap in defining your style is wearing clothes that do not fit you properly. Keeping it real will only help you on the journey to discovering your style. Itll also save you money once you start buying clothes that you will actually wear.

2) Research - When people ask me how to determine their style, I always ask if they have done any research, the answer is usually no. Why is researching your style so important? There is no way you can know how you want to look without doing the research. There are many ways to do this; observe the style of a woman you admire, Google some of your favorite stars, or look at online boutiques. You should also investigate brands in your price range, clothes that fit your body type, and most importantly how these looks will fit into your lifestyle. Even though I have a defined look, I am always searching for more ways to cultivate my style. I turn to all avenues to find fashion inspiration, not just magazines, but art, design, and other women. I often take pictures of things I find visually interesting or beautiful and think of ways to incorporate them into my style.

3) Uniforms - I cannot express how important it is to have a uniform. This does not mean we should wear the same thing every day. What I mean is it saves time and money when we have outfits we can go to for all occasions. Once you have researched clothes that look best on you and fit your lifestyle, it is helpful to have variations on a few different looks. For instance, no one ever knows that I have 8-10 outfits that I update with accessories, cardigans, and shoes. This expands my wardrobe and allows me to I have a Magaschoni dress that I have had for years, I am always looking for new ways to wear the dress, and almost every time it is worn, my friends assume it is new.

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