Fashion for Men and Women : Sense and Nonsense

Written by: Fibre2Fashion

Fashion is a huge term in the modern world. It is style, comfort, trend, all at the same time! Everybody wants to look fashionable these days. But the problem is that fashion varies with age, geographical boundaries, race, and culture. What is fashionable to one may be out of the world for another. There is no exact definition to good fashion sense.

Geographical location and the culture of an area have a huge role to play in defining the fashion trends of that particular area. A rural Indian woman may consider embroidered saris fashionable while an urban American woman may give that honor to a designer evening gown. The definition of good fashion sense also varies with the geographical locations and culture.

You have some sense for fashion, if you are not dressed weirdly. If you wear an evening gown to a funeral, that would be a fashion nonsense! One is supposed to wear bright colors in marriages in some cultures, while one is supposed to wear white in another. Any man or woman is dressed fashionably if they look good, are comfortable, and are not frowned upon after wearing the same.

The sense and nonsense aspect of fashion has one more point of consideration-trend. One also needs to be trendy in order to be considered fashionable. If you wear a retro look to a disco, you may not be thought of having a good fashion sense, even if the dress contains all the charm and glitter. You also need to be in accordance with the trends of the time.

So, who possesses fashion sense in modern times? The answer to this question may make it easy for you to imitate correct style statements. You can copy the way fashion designers near to you dress. You can also observe the way your favorite film stars and role models dress in a particular situation. An average man cannot afford to buy such expensive clothes, but clothes of similar designs and patterns can be easily obtained in local markets.

Wearing a particular, reputed brand may also help you in becoming a style icon. Fashion sense lies in wearing to please the on-looker and being comfortable in whatever you wear. In order to achieve this goal, you need to strike a balance between going with the majority and being different. You cannot be dressed in a party wear in corporate offices, but you can wear smart formals to look stylish.

Fashion sense can be inherited. If your father is always dressed well, the chances are that you may be dressed tip-top most of the times. After all, fashion sense would be in your genes, then! But merely copying your father (a style icon) will not work. This is because he might be carrying fashion trends of his time. Copying blindly will eliminate "being trendy" factor from your fashion sense.

Many stories have been made in order to elaborate the importance of trend in fashion. For example, the story of the woman with a red hat is famous. Once upon a time, a woman wearing a red hat was seen rushing towards her home. Somebody asked her that what she was hurrying for. She replied that she wanted to reach home before the hat gets out of fashion!

The history of fashion is full of stories of sense and nonsense. Celebrities especially get into limelight for their sense and nonsense of fashion. First ladies of USA are always in news for their sense of fashion. Michele Obama, the current first lady of USA, is well known for her excellent fashion sense. But to the other side of the coin are the stories of fashion sense going wrong with celebrities!

Celebrities hardly think twice before trying out anything new. Their guts are appreciated most of the times. But it also gets labeled the nonsense of fashion many times. David and Victoria Beckham wore black, leather clothes at a Versace party in 1999. It was announced a fashion disaster by David Beckham himself! Wearing the same type by the couple was nonsense of fashion.

In some cultures (especially in the west), "less is more" in fashion. Heavy make up, attention seeking dresses, and big and broad accessories will be termed as nonsense of fashion in such cultures. The vice versa may be applicable for the later. In the later case, the "less is more" concept may hold true only for a 'Plain Jane'. This is especially prevalent in women's fashion.

In men's fashion, the concept of "less is more" holds true everywhere. The scenarios have started changing nowadays. Men have become more receptive towards fashion and accept anything new in the market, easily. Still, colorful clothing above a certain limit is considered fashion nonsense in men's fashion.

The concept of sense and nonsense in the fashion for men and women is vast. It varies with culture, geography, and beliefs. Seasonal changes may also affect the fashion trends of a particular place. There is no clear demarcation between sense and nonsense of men's and women's fashion. The ugly truth is that it depends on the people around you and their ideas of fashion.



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