A Study on Buyers' Requirements in Apparel Export Orders in Tirupur Knitwear Industry

Dr. K. Balanaga Gurunathan, M. Krishnakumar & Kavitha

The buyers' requirements differ from buyer to buyer who belongs to the same country as well as to different countries. This difference is due to their culture, level of business, targeted customer such as high class, middle class and low class. Targeted category such as ladies wear, kids wear, men's wear etc. The factors which they differ from buyer to buyer is quality, price, delivery time, short quantities, approvals, international commercial terms, mode of shipment, code of conduct, order size etc., This study is carried out to know the various levels of requirements of buyers in an export garment order.

India is today recognized as one of the best sourcing destinations for garments, textiles, accessories and finish. It provides a perfect blend of fashion, designs, quality, patterns, textures, colours and finish. Manufacturers here are ready to innovate, be flexible on quantities, have a hands-on approach to quality control and keep the integrity on deadlines. As the world's second largest producer of textile and garments, India's garment exports total US$ 10.17 billion during the year 2008-09, giving it an enviable market share of 2.99%. USA, EU, much of Asia and Middle East are India's clients. The industry proudly supports 7 million people as part of its workforce, and aims to double this figure by 2011-12; even today it is the second largest provider of employment in the country.

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This article is originally published in the "Textile Review", June, 2012.