Global street wear fashion : Simple and complicated

Written by: Fibre2Fashion

Casual clothes help you get relaxed after a long tiring day. People may not always feel comfortable in formal or party wear. Uniforms may not be cool enough for all! Casual attires make people feel comfortable and look trendy at the same time. Street wear especially adds to the charm. One can dress in any way and still become a street wear fashion icon for others. It is an easy way of dressing.

Street wear fashion comprises of the weirdest of dress combinations. Girls can match miniskirts with jeans and jackets. They can expose or cover; it depends on their choice. Boys can get themselves a rowdy look in the name of street wear. They can wear sleeveless t-shirts, scarves, low rise jeans, and accessories to go along. They can match doctor sleeved t-shirts with monkey caps and cotton trousers. It is a funky style of dressing for both men and women.

This fashion is simple and complicated at the same time. It symbolizes rebellion to some extent. Teenagers prefer to wear this kind of outfit as it gives them a different impression. Young girls and boys seek attention and street wear helps them in attracting the attention they want. It is also preferred by rap artists, guitarists, rock stars, and other artists. It is eye catchy and lively on people.

The roots of this fashion clothing lie in USA. It was started by a reputed surfer and designer Shawn Stussy. Skateboarders and hip hop stars from USA used to dress themselves in this manner in the 70s and 80s. Japanese designers picked up this fashion from USA and developed it further. It got instant success in Japan and became mainstream fashion over there. The entire world imitated Japanese street wear designs.

Street wear fashion in USA was started by Shawn Stussy. From being a typical skating and surfing outfit, it gradually became main street fashion. Hip hop stars preferred this kind of clothing, as well. It became a popular choice for the young and the young at heart. Loose fitted bottoms and tops that were almost three times bigger than the actual size got popular. Bermudas, jeans, t-shirts, baseball caps, and sneakers became the face of street wear in USA.

Japan borrowed this fashion trend from the west, but later on it became synonymous with street wear fashion. It got so popular as to be imitated by the very creators of this type. Japanese keep on innovating street wear. Some of the famous styles for street wear from their end include the Onee Kei style, Lolita style, Decora style, Gyaru style, etc. Designers are constantly looking for new styles to add to this list.

The mix and match style in Japan has got so popular all over the world that not even the fashion capital of the world, Paris cannot compete with it. Parisian fashion, though exotic, is all about well fitted and orderly clothes. Comfort is a secondary factor and it certainly does not tolerate mismatch in terms of color. France believes in discipline in fashion which is generally way too far from street wear fashion.

Hollywood has picked up all style trends well till now, and street wear fashion is no exception! Akon, a popular hip hop artist, launched an urban street wear brand by the name 'Konvict Clothing'. It comprised of denim, t-shirts, hats, and hoodies. Rihana, a reputed recording artist and actress, made news in the world of fashion with her recent appearances in 'Vision Street Wear' t-shirts.

Fashion shows love to display street wear on ramps. Designers come up with a new street wear style in every fashion week. Street wear styles become popular on the streets with these fashion shows. It gets into the silver screen from ramps and then passes onto the common populace. Tokyo Fashion Week is renowned for its street wear outfits. Designers from all over the world attend this fashion week.

There are a number of designers for street wear in the world. Misake, Kawabuko, and Yamamoto are the three most reputed Japanese fashion brands for street wear. Other than Japan, brands from other countries include Stussy, Supreme, HUF, A Bathing Ape, and others. More and more brands are expected to come up in the near future, especially from the developing countries. Online retailers for street wear are also coming up.

Though this fashion type started in USA, Japan has become the leader in street wear fashion. Fashion manufacturers in Japan started creating their own versions of street wear after learning it from USA. The fashion hungry Japanese population interpreted street wear fashion in their ways. They added their own accessories and made it more glamorous. It is hard to beat Japan in this game, now!

Japanese street wear fashion, in fact street wear fashion, is simple as well as complicated at the same time. It is not about highly priced clothes or expensive fabrics. It is about individualistic creativity. Anybody can become a street wear fashion icon. But, one also needs to take care that one does not end up looking stupid and funny in the end. One needs to be a fashion lover in order to be dressed in this manner.



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