Interview with Mr Frank Hartmann  

Mr  Frank   Hartmann  
Mr Frank Hartmann  
Managing Director
Igedo Company GmbH & Co. KG
Igedo Company GmbH & Co. KG

What are the core competencies synonymous with IGEDO's exemplary conduct of an event?

Our core competencies are industry and event know-how. Of course we are also characterised by service-oriented and goal-directed visitor and exhibitor management.

Moreover, we developed the concept of the Igedo Fashion Fairs that unite four trade fairs under one roof, offering buyers from around the globe a comprehensive, clearly segmented overview of the latest trends in womenswear, menswear, body, beach and legwear. We also offer the platform for non-branded producers addressing volume buyers and branded manufacturers for production orders. Here, obvious synergies emerge in many cases. Anyone who travels to Düsseldorf for the Igedo Fashion Fairs returns fully informed. And of course he can order the goods he needs-simply, clearly and most importantly cost- and time-effectively.

The conditions in Düsseldorf are ideal for a trade fair city: As provincial capital of the most densely populated German state, Düsseldorf offers direct connections to the Ruhr district, the Rhine rail and the Benelux states. Eleven million people live here within a distance of fifty kilometres-there is no comparison in all of Europe.

Düsseldorf is still characterised by a high percentage of international citizens and visitors, as well as its excellent travel connections. Germany's third-largest commercial airport, Düsseldorf International, transports passengers directly to more than 180 destinations around the globe. This, of course, also benefits the Igedo Fashion Fairs Düsseldorf.

How have buyer and seller traits influenced under the onslaught of latest technological innovation within the sector?

Behaviours always change with new technological conditions. Nonetheless, people and their encounters are always the focus of trade fairs. This will remain the same even if the surrounding conditions change.

What goes in to planning when conducting an event away from home?

Fashion and trade fairs have one thing in common: they live from diversity. Exhibitors and visitors from more than 50 countries come to the Igedo Fashion Fairs. This being the case, we already engage in intense international exhibitor acquisition and in worldwide visitor marketing. We travel to countries such as Russia, Azerbaijan, India, Japan and of course all European countries frequently for talks with major buyers, designers and multipliers. We are currently focusing on the locations Düsseldorf with the Igedo Fashion Fairs and Moscow with CPM – Collection Premiere Moscow. We work closely with Messe Düsseldorf Moscow. With our project team and our many years of even know-how, the planning for foreign events usually goes smoothly.

Do you feel online (internet) expos may put up a kind of challenge that live exhibitions fairs may find a match, sooner or later?

Trade fairs appeal to all five senses. Buyers want to see the fashions, feel and compare. The Internet cannot offer this. The Internet does help maintain communication with customers. But the selection of order ware will make a physical meeting between suppliers and demanders in the future as well, so that trade fairs will remain indispensable.

What is the current state of fairs and events industry business and its spread across the world? What efforts may help bring in the right audiences, in the right places, for the right products or services on display?

Fashion fairs need increasingly clever concepts that meet the needs of the market. The Igedo Company is continuously working on this. Moreover, it is the duty of a trade fair organiser to motivate the right buyers to visit the fair via targeted marketing activities. This works only when the exhibitor's offerings are up to par. In this sense, the exhibitors also shoulder their portion of the responsibility. The bottom line is that the trade fair organiser can 'only' offer his halls, the concept and the worldwide marketing for the fair. The exhibitors must finally breathe life into the event.

Published on: 10/09/2007

DISCLAIMER: All views and opinions expressed in this column are solely of the interviewee, and they do not reflect in any way the opinion of Fibre2Fashion.com.

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