Interview with Mr Stuart Burchill

Mr Stuart Burchill
Mr Stuart Burchill
CEO and Co-Founder
Industrial-Nanotech, Inc.
Industrial-Nanotech, Inc.

How do you envisage nanotech solutions emerging up for textile purpose? What is market strength of Nanotech driven products in particular to textile & clothing?

Our coatings have produced savings for textile facilities (one in particular is saving $40,000 US per month on LNG cost), and increased the efficiency of the plant equipment. The savings in energy also equate to a reduction in carbon emissions. We feel that this type of savings would easily qualify for a carbon credits project to qualify the reduction of emissions from energy use.

Other areas where nanotechnology is currently having an impact in the textile industry is in the clothing itself. One company produces a wrinkle resistant line that incorporates nanotechnology. One area of R&D that we are working on is to be able to add the unique insulating ability of our technology to clothing. Our technology is currently only available in coating form, however we are getting closer to a breakthrough which will allow much more versatility, and could allow the light-weight material to be used in outerwear, boots, and other textiles.

We have found that many companies are looking for a competitive edge, and the textile market is no different. Nanotechnology is the science that can offer this edge by creating new types of materials.

Can you please draw a parallel picture of energy conservation through conventional tools and energy conservation by nanotech solutions in textile plants? What else are added advantages of Nano-Solutions?

Current conventional tools of energy conservation can be costly for factories. Solar panels are effective as energy savers, but the return on investment might be several years away. Any major plan for reduction generally involves downtime and conventional methods are geared toward alternate energy, such as solar or wind.

Where Nansulate differs is that it offers the opportunity to use less of the energy already in use, without major changes to a factory to install alternate energy systems. The return on investment can be seen in most cases in less than a year, and the downtime is minimal during installation.

Apart from insulations, what all are the application areas of Nanotech products into textile and clothing?

Nanotechnology currently in use in textiles and clothing includes adding stain and wrinkle resistance by use of nanotechnology.

Being a nano-pioneer, how does your company contribute to ecology and environmental policies?

Industrial Nanotech is a member of the US Green Building Council. We work to incorporate ecologically friendly policies into all the products that we make. We create non-hazardous, earth friendly coatings, and beyond that hope to make a major impact on reducing energy use through the nature of our technology.

For textile sector, in near future, what innovative products are likely to be heard of?

We hope in the near future through our current R&D to have the ability to add significant improvement in the form of light weight, highly effective insulation in textile and clothing. Other improvements on the horizon could allow for a color change of material if a certain criteria were met, such as presence of moisture or heat. Other additions may be of a more fashionable nature and allow for an animated look to T-shirts or other garments.

Published on: 12/11/2007

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