Interview with Diane Simpson

Diane Simpson
Diane Simpson
Sales Director
A W Hainsworth & Sons
A W Hainsworth & Sons

What are your sustainability goals for the next few years? Kindly share what is the focus on this at Hainsworth?

We pride ourselves on being one of the first to launch our sustainability commitment to the market. We have an obligation to continue to strive to improve in order to maintain and keep our royal warrant status, so this isn't something that is new to us and it is always in our consideration strategically when creating our business plans. We see this as not only environmentally sustainable but sustaining our working practices for the benefits of our employees, the local community and our supply partners and customers. We view this holistically as well as taking care of the details through projects that involve every employee. We would recommend you view our sustainability brochure 2020 to see some of the work we are particularly proud of and our projects for 2021.

What is the new business of Replin Fabrics that you purchased and incorporated in your mill all about?

This has helped us to move more into the interior market where we feel we can make a difference. It is only natural that our knowledge will help develop products for the future that also offer the benefits and comfort of wool.

You are doing a collaborative project funded by Future Fashion Factory. Please elaborate on that.

From my perspective, this opens opportunity to work with designers to create smaller runs, more sustainable but offering something unique. We endorse the slow fashion concept of buying carefully and lasting more and all our products are designed with this in mind.

You have covered the royal weddings in the past. Any one interesting anecdote that stands out in your mind? What new interesting projects are you associated with at the moment?

Receiving such a lovely humbling letter following our support for the 1953 coronation springs to mind.  Each time we have engaged with a royal contract, we have only had fond memories. It is lovely to be treated with genuine respect and be appreciated for what you do. Ofcourse we enjoyed working on the projects to restore Windsor Castle also.

Is there any impact of Brexit or the global economic slowdown on your business?

Naturally we are expecting some changes, some may not be as favourable as others but if we continue to produce products that are desirable and required, we should still have a good trading relationship.  Obviously, we are not sure what effect this will have for the more contract-based areas such as protectives and Airline fabrics.

What are your top 5 goals for the next 5 years?

We will continue with our sustainable mission to remain an important employer for the surrounding area, to ensure the family commitment follows on into the future Hainsworth generations, and to continue to be profitable offering products that are revolutionary to the markets we work in. (PC)
Published on: 05/03/2020

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