Interview with Raffaella Carabelli

Raffaella Carabelli
Raffaella Carabelli

What is the situation concerning export sales of Italian machinery over the past few years?

For the period from 2009 to 2013, Italian exports grew on average by 9%. However, there has been a lull over the past two years, due to a lack of vitality in the world’s major markets in the sector (China and India).

How have rising energy costs affected the textile machinery industry?

The entire textile and garments sector has been affected by growing energy costs. This is why machinery manufacturers have invested in providing technology solutions capable of cutting production costs. Italy’s textile machinery manufacturers have done just that, headed by ACIMIT’s associated members who joined the Sustainable Technologies project, affixing a Green Label to each of their machines being assessed for the labeling process. The label, certified by an international certification organism, RINA, highlights energy and/or environmental performance specifications of the labeled machine, calculated in terms of production cycle benchmarks. The Green Label also specifies the quantity of equivalent carbon dioxide emissions produced during the machine’s operation, providing an effective Carbon Footprint (CFP), a parameter selected to provide a value for the ecological efficiency of the machinery covered by the labelling.

What are the growth markets for the non-woven and technical textiles segment?

Overall, the technical textiles sector has been on a growth trend that is surely greater than production figures for traditional textiles. The demand for innovative and functional textiles for specific uses has grown exponentially in recent years, and it is still primarily from industrialized countries. However, we’re already seeing developing Countries that are demanding new highly innovative textile products, such as, for example, in the building, infrastructure and medical sectors. We expect that China and India will play a prominent role in the demand for non-wovens and technical textiles.

ITMA ASIA+CITME 2014 will be held in Shanghai from June 16 to 20: what can we expect from this event?

ITMA ASIA has become the leading trade fair in Asia for our industry. China holds a significant share of the export market to major textile machinery producing Countries. For the 2014 edition of ITMA Asia, Italy will once again be a major player, with around 110 Italian exhibitors on hand, occupying a surface area of roughly 4,750 sqm., an increase compared to two years ago. This is proof that our manufacturers are confident that growth will pick up in Asia’s markets, particularly in China.
Published on: 09/06/2014

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