Interview with Ms Marie Kinsella

Ms Marie Kinsella
Ms Marie Kinsella
Managing Director
Australian Exhibitions & Conferences Pty Ltd (AEC)
Australian Exhibitions & Conferences Pty Ltd (AEC)

Interesting. So, in your opinion how long will the crisis carry on and at its fag end will the industry go through some peculiar trends?

Australia as has been evident throughout this year has weathered the global financial crisis extremely well. There are a number of reasons why this has occurred. Australia has a very strong banking system and was not as exposed to the sub-prime lending market as was many of its trading partners. There is strong organic growth via the largest increase in natural population growth since WWII and immigration creating relatively strong domestic demand across all industries. In Victoria alone it’s estimated that some 300,000 new homes will be needed by 2030. This will obviously create many new jobs not only in the housing sector but also in providing the necessary infrastructure to service new and existing suburbs. More jobs, more personal wealth, increase spending, increase demand on resources. Certainly the medium-long term outlook is very positive and we are seeing definite signs of recovery at the moment as evidenced by our increased exhibition sales and other broader economic indicators – increase in housing demand and prices and increased demand for new cars.

We expect that FY2011 will be tracking back towards pre-crisis levels especially in the Australian economy based on the above reasons.

Hope that time turns up soon! Ms Kinsella, fashion fairs present the fashion trends of tomorrow in a compressed overview. Isn’t it? What help your trade-fairs make sure of not missing any important links?

As mentioned earlier given the dynamic nature of markets it’s an ongoing challenge to keep abreast of changes/trends. It’s therefore crucial that we engage with key industry stakeholders – industry associations, government agencies, industry publishers, major suppliers and retailers, designers, educational facilities whilst also keeping an ear out for any relevant commentary from recognised social and economic forecasters.

In exhibitions, which all nations are major exhibitors and major visitors in particular to industries associated with textiles & fashion?

As far as Fashion Exposed, Preview and the Show Fair are concerned 90% of exhibitors are Australian based wholesalers/resellers. Of course many of the goods on show are from the leading manufacturing nations – China and India. Other countries represented are; Italy, Brazil, Philippines …

As far as visitors are concerned, again 90% are from the domestic market. This is primarily due to Australia’s physical location (it’s a long way south of the equator). The rest of visitors are generally from Asia Pacific region. Australia is a good base for businesses to service these markets.

Please make our visitors and members known about ‘HOT HALF HOURS’.

The HOT HALF HOURS are conducted by the Australian Retailers Association (ARA) and are aimed at retailers in the fashion industry. The focus is on how to make their businesses stronger, by investigating the many areas that contribute to successful businesses – stock management, personnel management, government incentives, trends, shop fit and display. If we can assist our visitors build stronger businesses then this will obviously benefit our immediate customers – our exhibitors.

Fibre2fashion team extends best wishes for this, Ms Kinsella. Thanks a lot. Hope to have the opportunity of the talk again soon.


Published on: 23/11/2009

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