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Interview with Mr Ramazan Ozgur

Mr Ramazan Ozgur
Mr Ramazan Ozgur
General Manager
Akin Tekstil
Akin Tekstil

Akin Tekstil is the leader of high quality production concept in the textile industry which is the driver of the Turkey’s economy. It has been growing since its foundation in 1956 and has made great contributions to Turkish economy. The Company has been producing high quality fabrics with its spinning, weaving, dyeing, finishing and quality control departments, using state of the art technologies and following the technological innovations very closely, in the millennium technology plant in Luleburgaz-Kirklareli, which generates its own electricity power. Additionally, Akin Tekstil also specializes in technical textiles, such as flame retardant yarns and clothing, marine fabrics, aircraft fabrics, and contract fabrics. The Company exports its products to over 25 countries, including Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, the United States, Italy, Egypt, India, the Czech Republic, Austria, Portugal, Greece, Russia, China, Sweden and the Netherlands. Over the years the Company has developed into an icon for quality and continuity with its dedicated staff, customer satisfaction philosophy and publicly traded shares. It has been increasing its exports every year as a result of its state of the art technologies, research and development activities and successful sales and marketing strategies. Mr Ramazan Ozgur has been performing as General Manager of Akin Tekstil since 1979 and is Executive Board Member of the Company since 1995. He joined the Company in 1965. Mr Ozgur is a graduate from Istanbul University with a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering. Speaking candidly with Face2Face team, Mr Ramazan Ozgur presents his outlook on current state of global textile industry and various challenges that industry faces today.

“What actually matters is to remain on top”- says your company’s tenet line. Can we start with knowing more about your company’s business ethics and strategies that help it to exemplify this dictum?

Akin Tekstil carries out the serious R&D studies in order to maintain its market share among entire world’s textile competition today without making compromise on the quality standards. Of course, one should not forget that maintaining the market share is closely concerning with balancing of the economic conditions within the country and world.

In order to realize all of them, we believe in the good, balanced, long-lived innovative staff and our wide family structure which uses the cultures in the good and self-sacrificing manner individually.

Looking the global textile industry at close, how do you see its present condition, and Turkey positioning in it? What is your market share in domestic as well as international market?

Even though the textile industry as considered to be less developed and cheap workmanship sector, will never disappear in Turkey. Thanks to the industry which renews itself, realizes the automation, has well-established R&D and experienced staff. Akin Tekstil has this belief. The shares of earnings may change, but hope and production continue with external world markets and Turkish markets.

Cotton market worldwide is going through tough time these days. What is your say? How is this condition in cotton market affecting the business of cotton fabrics makers of your capacity?

Textile goes affected by both agriculture as well as economic and political factors. Especially, the cotton textile is affected negatively by the cotton market which is not going well recently. I am afraid that these agricultural problems and economy factors will make the cotton production, which is already slow, worse in the future. The end producer, i.e. industrialist, may experience difficulties to obtain the worth cotton.

Published on: 22/09/2008

DISCLAIMER: All views and opinions expressed in this column are solely of the interviewee, and they do not reflect in any way the opinion of Fibre2Fashion.com.

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