Interview with Mr Vallabh Thumar

Mr Vallabh Thumar
Mr Vallabh Thumar
Alidhra Weavetech Group
Alidhra Weavetech Group

India is known to be positioning first in terms of the installed weaving capacity in the world. While not getting complacent about this, in your opinion, which all are the areas of improvement that sector needs to focus?

Though India has one of the largest weaving capacities in the world, we still do not have any influence on the global fabric markets. The reason being that more than 90% of the capacity exists on the old and inefficient powerloom machines. While these machines are being discarded in competing markets like China and kept in museums in Europe, Indian entrepreneurs are still investing in them


The government efforts in form of TUF scheme have had a positive effect on overall upgradation needs, but still they need to be fine tuned to provide maximum benefit to the weaving sector which still is the weakest link in the Indian textile industry.

Alidhra Weavetech, true to its vision of supporting the Indian weaver, is the first and only Indian company to offer Hi-Speed shuttleless looms like AirJet and WaterJet looms which are covered under the TUF scheme and are the need of the hour for the Indian Weaving sector.

Your Company has both domestic and international network. Where do you foresee your business growing most? Which all would be emerging markets for players of your level?

Alidhra Weavetech still believes that the Indian Textile Industry has not reached the apex in terms of investments and there’s still a lot more scope in the domestic market. While, we are putting conservative efforts on increasing exports, our major growth is still going to come by boosting the domestic sales.

The entire Indian Weaving Industry is poised for upgradation and Alidhra Weavetech is going to be right there standing by the Indian Weaver in its quest to achieve globally accepted fabric quality.

Current provisions by Indian Govt regarding Repos/Reverse Repos and curb in fuel costs has spread the breeze of some what relief across the market. How would you like to comment on this? How will these provisions help Alidhra to make good business?

Though any kind of fluctuations in any commodities or interest rates do affect us indirectly, we still believe that the Business Confidence level of the industry is the biggest factor that directly affects us.

The current steps will definitely help ease inflation and will definitely boost credit demand. But, it’ll still take time for the investors to regain confidence to make long term investments. Being a capital goods industry, Textile Machinery Industry can only enjoy the fruits of current steps when it boosts the business confidence of the investors towards long-term investments.

Any upcoming launch from your R&D department?

Alidhra Weavetech recently launched a prototype of first Indian AirJet Loom at ITME-India 2008. Staying on the path, Alidhra Weavetech will further launch a wide range of variants of AirJet, WaterJet and Rapier Looms in the weaving segments. Also, Alidhra Weavetech announced its entry into Industrial Yarn Twisting segment at the same exhibition. Relating to that we’ll be launching a range of twisting solutions targeted at Technical Textile Industry in near future. All, again, with Indian entrepreneur and Indian environment in mind!


Published on: 12/01/2009

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