Interview with Mr Vallabh Thumar
Mr Vallabh Thumar
Mr Vallabh Thumar
Alidhra Weavetech Group
Alidhra Weavetech Group

Incorporated in 1982, Alidhra Weavetech Group is group of companies in diversified markets covering the complete value chain of textile weaving industry – Fiber to Fashion; with core interests in yarns, fabrics and mainly machineries markets. The Group has its core competencies in designing and building complete range of ‘Weaving Preparatory’ and ‘Weaving’ machines for the Synthetic Fibers Industry. It enjoys a position of respect and admiration in its sectors for providing the latest world-class technologies designed specifically for the Indian subcontinent markets, and is the only large Textile Machinery Manufacturer who has all their products developed indigenously without any technology transfer or collaboration. The Group has also invested in agriculture as one of its varied businesses supporting techno-commercial agricultural research & development activities. Mr Vallabh Thumar, Founder & CMD, is the technocrat and successful entrepreneur who with his innovative visions and dexterity in his field has enabled Alidhra Weavetech Group climb the ladder of success and create niche in arena of textile machinery. Mr Thumar is a qualified Mechanical Engineer with 25 years of experience in the industry. Speaking exclusively with Face2Face team, Mr Vallabh Thumar narrates about present state of global textile machinery industry and market potential of India in select sector.

The textile industry occupies a unique place in the economy of the country. How has Alidhra Group been positioning itself in this vital industry?

Alidhra Weavetech, today, offers the largest range of Twisting and Weaving machinery in the Indian Market. The product range majorly covers the requirements of the Indian Textile Industry keeping in mind the limitations of an Indian entrepreneur. All the products are indigenously designed to be most suitable for Indian environment of dusty and high temperature surroundings along with simple and easy to understand user controls.

Alidhra Weavetech is the only high-speed Shuttleless loom manufacturer in India and is committed to offer performance at par with global standards and yet tuned for the low-skilled Indian operators.

Can you provide us an insight into global and domestic textile machinery industry in current times?

Globalization has definitely benefited the entrepreneurs of the textile industry. Easy access to technology at most competitive rates has definitely boosted investments in the industry. While European players have capitalized on advantages of superior technology and available low cost production bases around the globe, domestic sector has taken the opportunity to serve the large unorganized sector which still accounts for a major chunk of investment.

Since the government’s policy does not provide any major boost to the domestic textile machinery industry, it has still registered a decent growth thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of the people in domestic textile machinery industry. The imported machinery still account for a fairly large chunk of investments. To change this and to make Indian textile machinery industry self-reliant, active steps need to be taken by government.

What all are core competencies of Alidhra and its products?

Alidhra Weavetech has all its products indigenously developed. This has enabled us to localize the solutions to the needs and limitations of our markets. While the products perform at par with global standards, the ease of use by way of simpler\ controls and intuitive user interface has enabled our products to be easily accepted by the lowest segment of the textile industry. Even the construction has been tuned to our harsh, dusty and warm environments. All such changes have been welcomed by Indian entrepreneurs who see such features as a must for high reliability in our environment.

Published on: 12/01/2009

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