Interview with Mr Bodo Bölzle

Mr Bodo Bölzle
Mr Bodo Bölzle

True. So, how big is the threads industry? What trends can be sighted? In context of the boost in nonwovens market, how do you see growth of this sector?

The Global market size of our industry is very difficult to estimate because there are no published figures available which give an overall overview.

The main stream trend of our industry is that the customers are forced to outsource their supply by buying more and more ready-made garments and loose influence in quality and production control to gain flexibility and reduce their financial exposure. Top Brands try to avoid a lower quality by nominating their core suppliers which have to be used and control this on a regular basis; others do not take care. Trends come and go even in the nonwoven market. Sewing threads exists since a real long time and will be used in the future as well.

Definitely! Then, does this trivial world of threads characterize itself with fierce competition? Which all are the keys to success in your business line?

The competition in our industry is hard. Over the next years the situation will change because some companies have neither the financial nor the personal capability to follow the trend of globalization, which means big investments in global sales structures, stocks, logistics and even production sites.

The key success factors in our industry are listed very quickly: High and Consistent Quality, Close Customer relationship, global availability of your products, Short Lead time and finally a competitive price.

Here, turning to the talk of potential regions in your business; which all countries would you count as established markets and those as emerging ones?

The emerging countries are China, Vietnam, Bangladesh and India. Established ones are the countries in Northern Africa, Turkey, Egypt, Mexico and Indonesia to name the most important ones.

Recession has been a buzz word for industry all over the globe since a year. Some people however opine it to be retrenching slowly. What is your take on this? What could be possible movements in industry once this enemy is nullified to considerable level?

The recession we have at the moment, came very quick and will adjust the market in respect to competition. I believe that the recovery of the industry will not be as straight forward as many people think and will take several years to achieve the level we have had before the recession. The recession will enforce the trend of lowering costs; for our customers as well as for our Industry.

Mr Bolzle, another move the industry is marked today with is: a lot of attention to eco friendly products and production as well. How Amann is the group in conformity to this trend or say league?

There is a big trend for using eco-friendly products and production. We have already developed our eco product line named “Lifecycle Threads” to follow the request from big brands. The future will show if this is real trend or a marketing instrument.

Well, on that note, we wish the best in the interest of industry. Thank you so much for your valued comments and time, Mr Bolzle. It was nice having a word with you.

My pleasure.

Published on: 28/09/2009

DISCLAIMER: All views and opinions expressed in this column are solely of the interviewee, and they do not reflect in any way the opinion of Fibre2Fashion.com.

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