Interview with VG Kulkarni

VG Kulkarni
VG Kulkarni
Director of Development

We are keeping a close watch on developments in India
Colours and additives masterbatch manufacturer, Americhem has been into the synthetic fibres' colours and additives business for seventy years now. It has built a reputation for itself in quality and innovation. It regularly organises educational series for the uplifting of this industry. VG Kulkarni, Director of Development of Americhem speaks to Fibre2Fashion.com on success, current and emerging trends, and plans to work in India.

What has boosted research and technology at Americhem?

We work diligently to understand the industry's and customer's needs for tomorrow. Americhem is a global colour and additives masterbatch company that serves several key markets like manmade fibres (carpets and textiles), automotive, construction, nonwovens, engineering and plastics. We have a very active research and development programme that helps us constantly re-engineer our products, understand industry trends and focus on customer needs.

How is the colour and additives industry changing? How do you keep pace with the ever-growing needs of the industry globally?

Consumers are demanding specialties and smart products. Many textiles and fashion trends are demanding specialties and smart products-from bright fluorescent colours and antimicrobial solutions for fresh feel to products that offer faster wicking in performance textiles. We attend trade shows to understand our customers' development needs and also work for the same.

What are the present trends with respect to consumer preferences?

Specialties and smart products are in vogue; more so in the Western world. Examples of some of the consumer preferences include antimicrobials, faster wicking in performance apparel, flame retardant upholstery fabrics and soft and hydrophilic nonwoven products.

Have you ever considered working with India?

We have India on our radar, and are keeping a close watch on developments in India.

A sustainable business approach nowadays is a tool that people essentially have so as to market. Is this true?

Sustainability plays a key role today-in products and businesses both.
Published on: 17/02/2016

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