Interview with Mr Walter Bowald

Mr Walter Bowald
Mr Walter Bowald
Vice President Sales
Amsler-Tex AG
Amsler-Tex AG

Located in Zurich, Amsler-Tex AG is a Swiss company specialising in the manufacture of fancy and elastic yarn production equipment along with the corresponding software. The machines can be used as additional equipment to spinning lines of almost any type for the production of high-quality special yarns. With its innovative solutions, Amsler supports the customers (from fashion to spinner) to manufacture value added products, maintaining and increasing their competitiveness, while protecting their existing investments. About 2800 installations are successfully operating in a variety of major yarn production plants all over the world. The sales program includes machines for the production of fancy yarns on ring spinning frames and OE spinning machines and a highly automated system for the production of top-quality CORE yarn. In addition, Amsler provides the required software and corresponding programming equipment for the development of effect yarns. Experience, creativeness, Swiss Quality and close customer relations, make Amsler the experienced partner for the professional in the Specialty market. Mr Walter Bowald is the Vice President Sales at Amsler Tex AG, Switzerland. He completed his diploma from STF Wattwil Switzerland, in 1982. Mr Bowald is an expert in the spinning and weaving field and has over 20 years of worldwide experience from spinning up to the brands to establish fashion style and creative effects. In a tête-à-tête with Face2Face team, Mr Walter Bowald, presents his views on global market of textile machinery equipments; business prospective countries; and current trends in fancy yarn market.

Spinning over 30 years of existence, how has Amsler reengineered itself?

Amsler basically is a Service Brand. Our Customer from Fashion to Spinning experiences the quality of the effects and design in the value added Chain.

It goes without saying, research leads to technological innovation and superior technology leads to Superior Performance. We support our research wing by reinvesting our Profits back into the company.

We believe a service brand like us can be best built bottom up- leveraging experiential differentiators rather than top down via advertising campaigns.

We give priority to our Customer’s Success in our strategy; wherein we have our own closed loop from Spinner to Fashion wherein all concerned are mutually benefited.

Geographically, what is your assessment on business prospective countries in your industry?

Far East Countries are emerging markets for us and Amsler receives inquiries from all over the world – through this information we randomize the possibility to produce a new generation.

Published on: 17/03/2008

DISCLAIMER: All views and opinions expressed in this column are solely of the interviewee, and they do not reflect in any way the opinion of Fibre2Fashion.com.

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