Interview with Hasan Javed

Hasan Javed
Hasan Javed
Executive Director
Artistic Fabric Mills
Artistic Fabric Mills

Far from blue: Pakistan's denim production catching global attention
Artistic Fabric Mills (AFM) and Artistic Garment Industries (AGI) are renowned for some of the most innovative products in denim. In an exclusive interview with fibre2fashion.com,Hasan javed, Executive Director of Artistic Fabric Mills discusses the AFM story.

What is the size of the denim market in Pakistan?

Exact data is not available, but estimates from different websites indicate that the total production of denim fabrics in Pakistan is around 400 to 500 million meters per year. That puts the total value at approximately US$ 1 billion.

What percentage of the denim market in Pakistan do you hold?

AFM is a fabric division that has recently expanded its capacity. As of 2015, it is capable of producing 50 million meters per year. The production is spread across two different units, both of which have modern plants, equipped with the latest European technology. AGI is the garment division, which is also a state-of-the-art set up and produces 25 million garments per year. So, keeping these figures in mind, we have at least 10 per cent of the denim market share in Pakistan.

Which countries and brands do you export denim to?

We work with some of the leading denim brands and retailers in the United States of America, United Kingdom and European Union. Our garment division consumes about 50 per cent of our fabric, and the rest is exported to countries like Bangladesh, Turkey, China, Vietnam and Egypt.

Have you come up with anything innovative in denim?

Innovation is one of the pillars that continues to support our success, along with quality and customer service. ?From the beginning, willingness to push the barrier has helped us drive denim into new territories. Today, some of our innovations like growth-control stretch technologies and SSR spinning have become the new standard for many of our customers. By building on our past research breakthrough, we now offer shapewear and activewear denim fabric with sustainable collections with recycled fibre using post-consumer waste. On occasion, we are ahead of our time with groundbreaking concepts that the market needs time to absorb. Our recent EverDark Technology produces denims that stay dark through over 30 home washes. AFM's ForeverWash is a denim fabric that enables washed to remain home laundry resilient. We constantly strive to expand the boundaries of denim, and believe this puts us in a position of leadership.
Published on: 18/05/2015

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