Interview with Aamir Akhtar

Aamir Akhtar
Aamir Akhtar
Arvind OG Nonwoven
Arvind OG Nonwoven

At the end of the day, prices are determined by the market
Arvind OG is a joint venture between textile giant Arvind Ltd and Japanese OG Corporation for the manufacture of high-quality nonwovens. The company launched five new brands at the Nonwoven Tech Asia 2016, currently under way in Mumbai. The brands are targeted at the bag-house filtration sector. In an interview with, Aamir Akhtar, CEO of Arvind OG Nonwoven discusses their showcase in detail.

Please tell us about your showcase at the ongoing Nonwoven Tech Asia 2016.

We launched five new nonwoven brands for the bag-house filtration sector at the Nonwoven Tech Asia fair in Mumbai. They are Fiberlox, Duotech, Checkstatic, Glasstech and Mircofelt.

What is the USP of your newly-launched brands?

1. Fiberlox - Normally, when we make filter media, we put a scrim in between. In Fiberlox, we do not put a scrim and we use that scrim to put up fibre. So, we get improved cleanability and reduced particulate emissions. 2. Duotech - We have a PTFE lamination on the filter media which gives a longer filter bag life and a near-zero particulate emission. 3. Checkstatic - Here it is about a good resistance to static electricity. So it minimises explosion risk and it can handle high temperature. 4. Glasstech - It's a woven glass fabric with PTFE lamination for extended flex fatigue resistance. 5. Microfelt - It uses micro fibres, which are fibres that improves pressure drop management and resistance to blinding. These are the high-value brands which launched for the Indian market after a lot of experiments.

How much business do you plan to gain from Nonwoven Tech Asia 2016 through these products?

We are extremely excited to meet the relevant end-users, OEMs, bag makers and opinion builders at Nonwoven Tech Asia 2016. We got a very encouraging response to the launch of these five brands. Over a period of time, they will generate sizeable revenue for Arvind OG.

What were the individual roles of Arvind and OG Corporation behind the launch of the five new brands?

Arvind OG is a joint venture between Arvind and OG Corporation of Japan. Both partners have contributed equally in this.

What latest technologies have been used to make the above brands?

We have custom built state-of-art needle-punching technology and a full range of finishing machinery, for manufacturing these branded media for hot gas filtration industry. This technology was acquired with the technological collaboration with Kureha, Japan.

Who are your potential competitors?

We have Indian as well as International players in this segment. However, we are the only felt manufacturer offering such a wide range of branded felts.

What will be the pricing for the five brands?

Our prices will be competitive. At the end of the day, prices are determined by the market. However one thing is for sure - we are not in the mass segment.

What branding and marketing strategies do you plan to adopt for these brands?

The products that we offer will be highly-visible brands. These will be backed- up with technical services and complete support.

Please share details of your investments. How soon do you expect a return on it?

These brands came to Arvind on account of Andrew Industries acquisition in India. Therefore investment in these brands have been made over a very long period of time. These will be monetised over our regular business over the next few years.

Is there any other application you target for these brands than filtration?

These five brands are specifically created for the bag-house filtration industry.
Published on: 03/06/2016

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