Interview with Nikita Dobrynin

Nikita Dobrynin
Nikita Dobrynin
CEO and Co-founder

What kind of after sales support do you provide to your customers?

AstraFit provide customers with: 
  • Accounts of customers online fitting room, where he can add all the new garments and change the measurements when needed;
  • 24/7 customer support;
  • Implementation of Google analytics;
  • Analytics report once per month to track conversion and growth of sales;
  • Free training and courses for clothing experts that measure garments;
  • Free knowledge base for marketing departments of online stores;
  • Analysis of the first 100 virtual try-ons and report on that;
  • Analysis of the first 1000 virtual try-ons and report on that.

What are the not so obvious parameters that go into designing sizing and fitting solutions?

To be honest we are shocked how all other fitting solutions ignore supreme criteria for accuracy in recommendations. Only AstraFit works based on unique garment measurements and unique primary body measurements.  Only by having this data we can advise people on what clothing to choose. As we take accurate data-our advi?e is super-accurate as well.

But in fact, it's a rare case for services to really measure at least one of those crucial criteria. Mostly, their recommendations are based on three approaches: 
  • Recommendation based on size charts + secondary body data like age, weight and height meaning the chances users get an accurate recommendation is as likely as he/she will win playing roulette. 
  • Recommendation based on some magic data analysis that helps companies intuitively advise on size using previously successful experiences of other users. Sounds like magic but not a real process.
  • Recommendation based on comparing measurements of clothing you already own that fits you well against the measurements of items you are browsing to buy. The issue with this methodology is the stretchy nature of certain fabrics. It would be of little use to measure stretchy items without fitting as the measurements would be increasingly inaccurate.
Vital but not obvious parameters that go into designing sizing and fitting solution is considering super-important garment properties like material stretchiness and style details. It a vital part of our size prediction solution. 

Also, since one solution does not fit all brands, how do you go about it?

AstraFit gives unique size recommendations as it works with unique data. That's why our solution fits absolutely for any brand.

What technology do you use to provide sizing & fitting solution?

AstraFit uses artificial intelligence technology. We have created AstraFit recommendation mechanisms and taught them how to generate size predictions. Plus, after entering body measurements, users get fit visualisation, adaptive human language description and a scored recommendation.

What is the onboarding process like?

Onboarding process is super easy as we are a self-set up service. So, clients can do all starting from account registration ending at code deploying.

Who are your major clients?

Lacoste worldwide, Befree and Zarina are huge in Russia, Vovk and MustHave in Ukraine, and Biba in India.

What is the cost of installing your technology?

We are the only fitting room that has free lifetime package which includes 500 virtual try-ons on a monthly basis. All you need to set up AstraFit solution are two hands, 20 minutes of time and a cup of good coffee. The same time it will take a week for our competitors to give a price quote. AstraFit has packages that grow as clients grow. The "S" package starts from $49 per month.

What new innovations do you plan to bring to your current solutions?

We are working on creating a special AstraFit filter that will help users to get a list of apparel that suit the best for their unique body figures. Also, we have other major innovations coming out soon, but we cannot disclose details. (HO)
Published on: 28/09/2019

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