Interview with Mr. Danny Taragan

Mr. Danny Taragan
Mr. Danny Taragan
President & CEO
Bagir Group Ltd.
Bagir Group Ltd.

What makes your suiting so special and different from the rest in the market?

Our main advantages are: special designs and innovative products, developed by our innovation team, like lightweight suit and many more. Quality control is very important for us, and we are maintaining the highest quality levels in all our production sites.

You only seem to be concentrating on formal business wear. Is there any particular reason?

The answer is yes. Few months after joining Bagir Group, I examined the company’s business mission which is being the provider of full service of innovative quality men’s tailoring for premium private labels and brands. We are getting so many offers that some of them are declined since they are not meeting our business mission scope – we are always being focused in our professionalism which puts us in the best position.

You seemed to have tied up with many retail brands all over the world. Is that a marketing strategy you employ in order to attract customers?

Our company is a provider which supplies a full service starting from sourcing and design, and ending by delivery. This way of working is like a restaurant's menu which gives our clients the ability to choose the best options for them. Some of them taking only the production and others take design and even packing and delivery. We are also dealing with corporate wear. We deal with everything that can give an added value.
Published on: 08/03/2013

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