Interview with Valeria Jekova

Valeria Jekova
Valeria Jekova
Bulgarian Association of Apparel and Textile Producers and Exporters
Bulgarian Association of Apparel and Textile Producers and Exporters

Buying power of Bulgarian population is low and it is getting even lower.
With Fibre2Fashion Correspondent Cindrella Thawani, Valeria Jokova tells us about the companies working on lower price segment, and successfully doing cheaper production. Further, she says that industry is revitalising and steadily consumption is increasing in Europe. Synopsis: Bulgarian Association of Apparel and Textile Producers and Exporters (BAATPE) is a national voluntary association of companies in the field of textiles and clothing. Through its activities, BAATPE tries to contribute to the development of its members at national and international level. Moreover, defend and represent the interests of Bulgarian manufacturers in the county and abroad. Valeria Jekova serves as the Chairman of BAATPE. Earlier, she has worked with textile company 'Orlov' and Tomen Corporation of Japan. She has done Master of Geography and Tourism from Sophia University of Bulgaria from 1977 to 1981. Further, she completed Strategic Management Program in 2006 and Master Organization and Management of International Trade Economics Institute Karl Marks, Sofia in 1988. Excerpts:

What are those myriad sectors of textile industry, which are sprouting in your region?

I am not sure that we can talk about “sprouting sectors”. The T&C industry in Bulgaria occupies an important place in the economy of country for many years and is one of the key employers. But, if I have to be more precise about the specifics of our industry, we can point out according to the official data, which shows that from approximately 5000 companies in the sector; more than 90 percent of them works in sub-sector “Manufacture of clothing” and the rest – in “Manufacture of textile articles, without clothing”. It describes quite well the specification of our industry.

How do you see Bulgarian market for the new contenders?

Our industry has a long tradition. In Bulgaria, companies actively sew clothes from the 60s. After the 80s, they moved to the stage of complete redevelopment and up grading of technology. A tendency still kept at present. Now, we can proudly say, that our country has well equipped enterprises, flexible to produce short series of complicated styles with good quality and in short lead times. At the moment, our competitors are more the manufacturers from Turkey, Romania and Macedonia.
Published on: 07/11/2012

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