Interview with Iris Wang

Iris Wang
Iris Wang
Brentano Fabrics
Brentano Fabrics

Where do you draw inspirations for your designs from?

I pull inspiration from all aspects of my life; nature, people, history and culture. For our most recent fall 2016 cityscape collection, I was inspired by all senses represented within the metropolitan environment - such as the towering skyscrapers, perpetual movement and energetic sounds that pulse throughout any city. The collection symbolizes society's kinetic energy and the landscape that surrounds it.

Which are your most selling products? What is your USP when it comes to these products?

Brentano has an in-house design studio, where I and a team of experienced textile designers work diligently to produce approximately 20 new patterns twice a year. We take into practical considerations when creating new product - considerations that not only entail design, but also include performance, wearability and environmental sustainability. Our current, most successful pattern is high performance fabric, Equinox. The geometric motif has an intricate tessellation of triangles that undulates from dark to light and back to dark in a metaphor for day and night while two saturated colour facets accent the starry pattern and sculpt the illusion of three-dimensional forms.

What are the challenges you face in keeping fabrics functional yet aesthetically appealing?

The most difficult challenge is creating an aesthetically appealing high performance fabric with a soft and beautiful texture. You make compromises when treating fabric with stain resistant finish and the goal is to keep those compromises at a minimum in regards to the feel of the textile.

Please share details of your latest works and achievements.

Solstice, to be released with the new fall 2016 cityscape collection, has already achieved three reputable awards within the industry. The dynamic pattern has achieved an IIDA/HD Product Design Award at the HD Expo show in Las Vegas, a HiP Award (Honoring Industry People and Innovative Products) from Interior Design Magazine and the #MetropolisLikes Award from Metropolis Magazine. Created to be environmentally conscientious, the indoor/outdoor pattern has also received a Facts Silver sustainability certification, truly rivaling the brilliance of the sun.

What has been the growth percentage recorded at Brentano Fabrics in the last two years?

Brentano has grown by over 26 per cent in the last fiscal year and is on mark to meet our target goal for 2016.

Which regions do you export your fabrics to? Is the demand for fabrics different in the export markets?

Brentano exports fabric all over the world; with a majority of its exports to Europe, China and the Middle East. The demand varies dependent on the region; however majority of the demand in the export market is for high-end, high-quality textiles.
Published on: 27/07/2016

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