Interview with Emma Fletcher

Emma Fletcher
Emma Fletcher
Global Sales Director
Brintons Carpets
Brintons Carpets

Wool is a great fibre for limiting the visibility of general soiling due to the scales and...
Emma Fletcher, Global Commercial Sales Director of Brintons Carpets tells about what it takes to make a superb carpet during an interview with Fibre2Fashion Correspondent Manushi Gandhi. Synopsis: Brintons is a British manufacturer of carpets which was established in 1783. It has many successful projects in its portfolio. It has also received Queen's Award for Export Achievement. The recent notable works by the company are 'Fireworks' rug at London Olympics 2012 and Skyline carpet at Burlington Arcade. Woodward Grosvenor, a renowned floor covering brand is also a part of Brintons Group since 2003. Emma Fletcher was appointed Global Commercial Sales Director in March 2013. Prior to her promotion she was European Commercial Director. She is associated with the brand since last six years. Her focus is to lead and co-ordinate the collective effort of the Commercial Division in order to achieve the businesses sales growth plans. Excerpts:

Brintons 180metre long iconic carpet was recently launched at Burlington Arcade. Who would you like to credit for this successful venture?

Our team included Jon Bond, Commercial Business Manager and Lois Norman, Designer who worked closely with the Matthew Jer, Designer at Linley and Ellen Lewis Marketing Director from the Burlington Arcade. The project was a real team effort.

Brintons brand was established in 1783. What are the major achievements by the company to date?

Brintons have had many achievements in its 200 year history. Some of our highlights include: First awarded the Royal Warrant in 1958, we were invited to mark the Coronation Festival this July by designing and curating a 1950s style room, set in the grounds of Buckingham Palace. In 1997 our company was awarded the world’s largest ever woven carpet order. 135,000 square metres of custom designed Axminster is supplied for the new Chek Lap Kok international airport, Hong Kong. The carpet is woven to withstand the footfall of 35 million passengers each year. In 1998 Brintons wins its first Queen's Award for Export Achievement. In 2007 we collaborated with leading design duo Timorous Beasties to create "First Weave", a collection of design, which are large in scale and go against almost every conventional rule. The collection was nominated for the Elle Deco "Design of the Year 2007". The Grand Kremlin Palace underwent a comprehensive renovation in 2012 in preparation for the inauguration of President Putin. We supplied the Granovitaya Palatarug,other areas that were carpeted by us included the Red Porch, Inner Porch and Secret room.

Do you feel that marketing for home furnishings are different when compared to other things like clothes, accessories etc.?

Fashion clothing and accessories are often a low price purchase and more disposable in comparison to home interiors. Purchasing decisions are also made a lot quicker. We provide consumers with the detailed information they require when planning their purchase this includes advice on fitting and aftercare. Choosing the right carpet colour for your home is a big decision and one you will be living with for a long time. Because carpet is one of the more costly expenses in decorating your home, consumers want to ensure they choose a colour that works with their current or planned colour scheme. Our designers are always looking at the latest colour trends and our website provides inspiration so customers can select the right design for their chosen colour scheme.

Do you make stain free carpets? Can you please tell us more about this technology?

We do not use any anti-stain chemicals. Our research shows the most effective approach to maintaining a carpet is effective cleaning and maintenance. Wool is a great fibre for limiting the visibility of general soiling due to the scales and duller surface of the fibre limiting the visibility of soiling. For staining we recommend woolsafe approved cleaning chemicals.

What efforts/steps do you take to make your carpets easy to maintain and clean?

We have a cleaning and maintenance guide. Generally first step is prevention – where possible the use of effective barrier matting will reduce the amount of dirt walked into the carpet. There should be regular vacuuming with vacuums that incorporate a brush and beater bar to ensure dirt is removed. Interim cleaning with dry powder systems and long term cleaning with hot water extraction can give better results. The use of a small wet suction vacuum cleaner for daily spill and stains ensures that the carpet will stay looking good.
Published on: 22/07/2013

DISCLAIMER: All views and opinions expressed in this column are solely of the interviewee, and they do not reflect in any way the opinion of Fibre2Fashion.com.

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