Interview with Caroline Rush

Caroline Rush
Caroline Rush
British Fashion Council
British Fashion Council

Fashion industry has felt the effects of the credit crunch. We encourage designers to be flexible...
With Fibre2Fashion Correspondent Cindrella Thawani, CEO of British Fashion Council Caroline Rush, shares her views on ongoing London Fashion Week and challenges across the way of UK’s fashion industry. Further, she believes, London is where careers are launched and stars are born. Synopsis: British Fashion Council was formed in 1983. It aims to give platform to British designers and maintains London as the eminent performer for fashion pitch. Ongoing illustrious London Fashion Week event is organised by the British Fashion Council, which is one of the ‘bigfour’ international catwalk influencers. Presently, Caroline Rush serves as the CEO of British Fashion Council (BFC). Excerpts:

How is the global economy impacting the Britain’s fashion industry?

Oxford Economics estimates that sales of UK designer clothing have been rising by around 20 percent a year in the last decade, and are currently worth somewhere between £2.5 and £2.9 billion. (Source: BFC Future of Fashion Report 2012)

What are those challenges that you envision for UK’s fashion industry? Please interpret.

Like many others, the fashion industry has felt the effects of the credit crunch. We encourage designers to be flexible, to look at cost saving initiatives, to adapt to market conditions and spread their risk by targeting different markets. In the UK, we are known for our emerging businesses, and the benefit of that is that there are more opportunities to adopt change quickly.
Published on: 17/09/2012

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