Interview with Mrs Aviela Sherbu Cohen

Mrs Aviela Sherbu Cohen
Mrs Aviela Sherbu Cohen

Established in 1999, Browzwear is committed to its vision of harnessing 3D visualization of models, garments and fabrics to the enhancement of the fashion industry, helping designers, manufacturers and shoppers alike to take the next major step in the revolution of an evolving industry. Browzwear’s suite of products delivers the advantage that garment retailers, designers and manufacturers need in order to be successful in today’s competitive environment. The company has won the support of major investors, from textile industry leaders to builders of high-tech companies and economic advisors worldwide. Mrs Aviela Sherbu Cohen is the CEO of Browzwear. She has twenty years of managerial and marketing experience in the textile industry as VP Marketing Development and Design for Tefron Ltd and Gibor Sabrina Ltd, and over 7 years as a Board Member in Macpel Industries. Having lived in various countries viz Brazil, Argentina, Germany and France during age 4 to 24, Mrs Cohen mastered languages including English, Hebrew, Romanian, Portuguese, German, French, and more. Mrs Cohen holds an MBA with a major in Marketing and minor in Operations Management, and a BA in Linguistics, with a minor in Mathematics and Computer Sciences from Tel Aviv University. In a tête-à-tête with Face2Face team, Mrs Aviela Sherbu Cohen describes the transition that fashion industry has undergone since last two decades.

Setting the conversation on, let us begin with a few words from you on Browzwear’s story of origin, and the niche it has carved in Fashion & Apparel industry over the years?

Understanding the core problems affecting the industry brought forth the foundation of Browzwear in the year 1999. Using our state of the art 3D software for virtual sampling and prototyping, brands are now able to cut costs, enhance design and eliminate the distance between them to their suppliers. By providing customers with these services we were able to triple our sales in the last two years.

However, the fast pace of the market created new needs for both Brands and customers – visualization and merchandizing.

Browzwear is a leading player in this new and expanded way of commerce. Brands shall have the opportunity to either create 3D garments by purchase of our basic industrial V-stitcher software, or outsource the garment creation to us.

Having the technological infrastructure enables us to develop with relative ease a virtual fitting room and integrate it into the Brands' selling channels.

So, how do you see transition that fashion industry has been through in these years?

In the last two decades markets became more dynamic. Brands and retailers underwent constant pressures to provide a new and diversified range of products with a shorter turnaround. All this happening whilst the distance between the brands and the manufacturers continued to grow.

Communication deteriorated affecting quality of sampling and production. Samples were flying across the globe, polluting and consuming time. A solution was required.

What are your comments on present scenario in your industry especially in the back drop of fumbling economy?

2009 brings with it great uncertainty. The economic situation at end of 2008 has put even greater pressure on companies who must seek ways to become more efficient, cut costs and shorten lead times. At Browzwear, we view these goals as ours as well.

Being led by industry veterans alongside experts from various disciplines enabled us to develop a line of products which helps brands and manufacturers to reach these goals.

Published on: 09/03/2009

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