Interview with Mrs Aviela Sherbu Cohen

Mrs Aviela Sherbu Cohen
Mrs Aviela Sherbu Cohen

In this fierce competitive era, what helps Browzwear solutions go preferred over others?

Browzwear sees itself as a 3D specialist. All other competitors are 2D cad developers that became aware of the fashion / apparel industry needs and developed additional products.

As the pioneer in this field, Browzwear continues to lead with the most accurate simulation in the industry resulting in fewer samples and less time & money wasted in the development process.

Browzwear’s products are the only line of products that comes with an online interactive communication module. This facilitates the communication in-house and between remote locations.

We have the largest true to life family of virtual models and mannequins, which are an essential element in reducing long fitting sessions. Browzwear’s exclusive Fabric Testing Kit (FTK) allows our customers to easily take all the required fabric physical parameters and set up the database by themselves. Browzwear's FTK became a world standard and is being used by many fabric mills across the world.

Do you find a combination of clientele – with and without technology know-how? What after sales services do you offer?

Our customers come from different areas and the technologies they use or do not use are poles apart. Some are world leading brands, innovators of products with state of the art technology used in house. Others are manufacturers with small sewing plants in the far east. Browzwear has a solution for each and every one of its users.

Browzwear’s Virtual Prototyping implementation service provides the essential roadmap for turning an organization’s vision and strategy into reality. This offering accelerates implementation of 3D virtual prototyping solutions through analyzing corporate objectives and business requirements. A strategic implementation planning engagement efficiently and accurately prioritizes customer’s business objectives and goals, and creates an overall phased implementation strategy that facilitates a successful performance.

As part of our after sales services, we offer a basic training which is composed of two main parts. The first is the basic training and the second part is hands on training in which a Browzwear’s trainer accompanies the client with the actual garments that will be included in the customer’s next collection. Browzwear's comprehensive 24/7 customer support provides on-going support via phone, email and web conferences worldwide. Within the support contract two free upgrades are given per year.

How do you envisage global fashion-garment and retail industry of coming days, and the trends therein? How is Browzwear prepared to cater solutions to these futuristic trends?

Imagine yourself walking towards your favorite store, remembering the days were you found yourself in the midst of other consumers observing all the hangers, and mannequins around. At the end of the store, you reach towards a touch screen you insert your disk on key containing your virtual model along with the ones of your family and friends. On the screen in front of you all the garments in your size appear along with their color variations. You pick a garment and view the fit on the screen in 3D. Suddenly, you remember your cousin’s Birthday. You quickly call him and ask him to send you a message with his virtual model. You walk to the isle pick a shirt, type in your cell phone the barcode and see your cousin wearing the shirt.

On the way home, you remember the conversation you had with your colleague today. “Tonight I’m shopping in America” he said. Remembering your favorite brand in Rome, you turn on your computer, and enter to their website. After entering your model’s measurements, all the garments suited to your virtual model appear. You click on the garments you like and watch how your model tries them on, examining them from every angle and picking the ones you like. 15 minutes pass and you end up with your small collection from Rome.

This vision brought birth to Browzwear’s Virtual Fitting Room (VFR) idea. The VFR gives opportunity to potential customers to view a 3D image of a garment on their own virtual model and envision how it would look on them. By using the VFR, Brands shall be able to provide this exciting experience whilst benefiting from a drastic increase in sales, decrease in the money spent on returns, and thus increase in their bottom line!


Published on: 09/03/2009

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