Interview with Verena Ruckh

Verena Ruckh
Verena Ruckh
Head-Advertising and Marketing Department
Bruckner Trockentechnik
Bruckner Trockentechnik

What is your percentage sale in the Asian market? Which markets in Asia do you particularly target?

Asia is, of course, a very strong and important market for us. We deliver our machinery in many Asian countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia to name the most important ones.

What after-sales service do you offer to your clients?

Our company invests a lot in after-sales service as we think that service is a decisive factor in being successful. We offer modernisation and modification concepts for older machines as well as supply of spare parts. We give our customers support in process optimisation and give them detailed advisory on the possibilities of increasing production output, quality of fabrics or energy efficiency of their existing lines. In many markets, we have service offices, local technicians and spare parts stocks. Our technicians help in case of a failure, and they support with maintenance and repair works.

Which new products and technologies do you plan to introduce to the market in a few years time?

We are always working on new technologies and innovations for every sector of our business. If you ask what will be introduced to the market in a few years time, we can only encourage you to visit our booth at ITMA 2019 in Barcelona.

Please share details of your fiscal 2015 and the reasons associated with the same. Also, share the outlook for fiscal 2016.

The fiscal year 2015 had been quite good. The ITMA exhibition particularly made us feel that the global economy was boosting up again. But we have to keep an eye on what further happens in the Middle East. This makes it quite difficult to give an accurate prediction and outlook for fiscal year 2016. But we are looking very positively into the future.
Published on: 05/02/2016

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