Interview with Tiziano Barea

Tiziano Barea
Tiziano Barea

Creativeness, design, innovation and top performance distinguish the Italian textile machinery
The Italian textile machinery industry is renowned in the world market for its efficiency, especially in textile machinery. Tiziano Barea, MD of BTSR, a renowned producer of yarn control devices and solutions, shares the working of the company in an exclusive interview with Fibre2Fashion.

What distinguishes Italian yarn manufacturing machinery/equipment from the rest in the market?

Generally speaking, creativeness and design combined with innovation and top performance are the main factors which distinguish Italian products from the rest.

What challenges threaten the yarn manufacturing industry from reaching complete automation?

It is a step-by-step process, where knowledge is the main motor. On the opposite side, a labour-intensive culture can be a factor going in the opposite direction. Finally, the road to automation is taken.

Which are the big markets for your products, and which ones are coming up in a big way?

Yarn preparation is one of the main markets along with hosiery, seamless and technical textile applications in the hygiene industry.

How did BTSR perform last fiscal? Please explain with reasons.

Despite market instability and weak demand from some emerging countries, BTSR's performance in 2015 was aligned with our expectations. This is particularly due to diversified applications which our product range is able to cover and the Return on Investment (ROI) which is generated by BTSR technologies implementation and which represent a crucial benefit for textile operators investing in BTSR products.

What are your expectations from the coming two?

We have high expectations from some innovative solutions that our R&D team is developing in terms of innovative products, new applications and smart remote-control equipment solutions.

What percentage of your overall revenue is dedicated to R&D?

Seven per cent of our overall revenue is dedicated to R&D.

What are your research findings with respect to innovations and emerging markets in your industry?

We are focused on providing solutions to unexplored but potential existing markets by generating new ideas which can be transformed into breakthrough innovation which is able to support our customer business in a profitable way.

How do you see Asia five years down the line in the yarn machinery/equipment manufacturing industry?

We, as BTSR, cover a specific market share, whereas textile operators - who are oriented towards quality and efficiency - work on a Return on Investment (ROI) perspective. For this niche market, we think that business will increase, and BTSR will be the ideal partner to provide the best technologies.

Which countries give you the best business?

We serve the worldwide market with specific focus on Europe, Turkey, Fareast and USA.

Where are your future investments directed?

All investments are oriented towards new product releases, which will be able to provide an added-value contributing to yarn quality control, production efficiency increase, production cost saving and second-rate product reduction and top-quality products development.
Published on: 25/12/2015

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