Interview with Lisa Jarry

Lisa Jarry
Lisa Jarry
Global Content Director
Centric Software
Centric Software

We listen to customers and react with ongoing innovative feature updates
From its headquarters in Silicon Valley and offices in trend capitals around the world, Centric Software provides a digital transformation platform for the most prestigious names in fashion, retail, footwear, luxury, outdoor and consumer goods. Centric is focused exclusively on the product development requirements of retail, apparel, footwear, luxury goods and consumer goods companies. Lisa Jarry, Global Content Director, talks about the company's solutions for the textiles and apparel industry.

Tell us about the ERP/PLM solutions that your company offers. In what ways are they unique?

Centric Software PLM-a cloud-based, out-of-the-box platform-empowers internal and external teams by giving them a single, actionable version of the truth, enabling information transparency-a fundamental pillar of Industry 4.0. By giving teams access to all product-related data in real time, Centric PLM eases communication, reduces errors and accelerates decision making.

Centric PLM is enhanced by groundbreaking innovations such as interactive, collaborative digital boards with touchscreen technology that replace complex systems like Excel sheets, printouts, PDFs and email chains, which tend to result in wasted time, data errors and version control issues. When teams eliminate process inefficiencies and save time, their focus shifts towards quality and product innovation, while still meeting increasing consumer demands.

Centric Software specialises in providing digital solutions especially created for the fashion and apparel industry to handle all challenges head-on. We partner with some of the biggest and most iconic names in the industry to create digital solutions that power growth. Centric PLM enables our customers to keep up with the rapid pace of change in the global marketplace and stay ahead of the competition. Our fashion and technology experts have worked with our customers to create modern, innovative digital solutions that streamline every aspect of product development, from enabling full visibility into product development, to process automation, to better managing of priorities and costs, to reducing data entry errors and manual labour freeing your teams to be more creative, less stressed and work more efficiently to bring innovative products to market faster. Centric PLM connects directly with other enterprise systems like ERP that take over tracking the product once the creative work of product development is done including transactional operations of fashion and apparel operations like logistics, warehousing and inventory management. 

IT solutions are expensive, and often out of reach for SMEs that make up an overwhelmingly large chunk of the global fashion industry. Do you offer solutions for them as well?

Yes, Centric Software has developed an innovative, subscription-based PLM solution especially for emerging brands in the fashion, retail, footwear, outdoor, luxury and consumer goods industries. Centric SMB is a cloud-based PLM solution, which means ultra-fast implementation with no hardware to purchase and install, reducing costs for any small to medium businesses looking for technological solutions for product development. Centric SMB is designed to dramatically speed time to market, boost product innovation and streamline everything from design to sourcing from the first day it's implemented. Centric SMB gives emerging brands the same access to technology and industry know-how as global brands to drive business growth. The solution provides access to multiple modules along with our industry's first mobile apps for PLM and is designed to scale up as brands grow.

A fast-changing industry also means that the solutions need to stay abreast of the changes. How do you ensure this at your company?

At Centric, we never stand still on innovation, from our industry-leading mobile apps for PLM to our recently-launched agnostic 3D design plugin (that works with CLO, Browzwear and Optitex) to our use of artificial intelligence in Centric AI Image Search. Our proven roadmap includes two major and two minor releases of updates to Centric 8 PLM every year.

We thrive on customer feedback. Regularly working with our Customer Advisory Board, we listen to customers and react with ongoing innovative feature updates and releases as well as completely new functions and solutions for the fashion, apparel and consumer goods industries. From these meetings and discussions, we develop market-driven features and apps hand-in-hand with our clients and then roll them into our core product offering so that all of our customers can use these innovations to drive business growth.

Could you give us a few case studies of how your solutions have made a difference to companies in the fashion-apparel business?

Bestseller Fashion Group China (BFGC) went live on Centric PLM in under six months. Since implementing Centric PLM, BFGC has experienced improved data consistency and communication, resulting in a faster time to market and better control over the supply chain. In 2018, Centric Software rolled out its groundbreaking Skyline architecture, which allows customers with up to 10,000 users to geographically distribute data in real time across the globe. As Bestseller China grows, Skyline is an invaluable asset to the PLM project.

Before Centric, 3Colour used Excel and had to enter a lot of information by hand. Manually adding collection, style and BOM-related data piece by piece resulted in a lot of errors, and the brand decided it was time to search for a PLM solution. After just two seasons of using Centric PLM, the accuracy of BOMs has improved from 70-80 per cent to 100 per cent accuracy at 3Colour. There is no need to enter information more than once. After a show or sales order, everything that users need is ready in the BOM, and the only thing to add is specific customer requirements, which saves eight days of work. Centric saves time for designers and developers at 3Colour so they can do what they do best-creating new products. Urban Revivo had known Centric for a long time and were impressed by the professionalism and knowledge of the fashion industry. Centric understood Urban Revivo's pain points and offered a tailor-made solution. The company was confident that Centric's successful experience in the global market would truly help their expansion and selected Centric 8 PLM. After a perfect deployment, Urban Revivo experienced rapid results. Centric PLM is helping to speed time to market, cut costs and errors and improve innovation. Sampling time has been reduced from 10 days to 3-4 days per collection, and it's easier to control budgets and merchandise planning. Centric PLM has an important part to play in supporting product management and global collaboration in Urban Revivo's plans for the future. (SG)
Published on: 06/11/2019

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