Interview with Wang Minqi

Wang Minqi
Wang Minqi
Changzhou Wujin Wuyang Textile Machinery Co Ltd
Changzhou Wujin Wuyang Textile Machinery Co Ltd

India is the biggest warp knitting market
The Industry 4.0 project has not just been embraced by German machinery manufacturers; Chinese machinery manufacturers are equally excited and geared up for the same. Wang Minqi, president of Chinese textile machinery manufacturer Changzhou Wujin Wuyang Textile Machinery Co Ltd, talks to about the strengths of the company in terms of technological innovations and the products they are going to display at ITMA 2015.

In the face of fierce competition in the industry in recent years, does your company have any innovations in knitting machines? How are technologies helping knitting manufacturers improve their productivity?

Our company believes that technological innovation is the driving force for development. For the last five years, Wu Yang has been looking at solutions to improve efficiency and limit production costs for customers. We have developed an intelligent knitting production management system. In machine production innovations, we have improved production equipment to be automatic and numerical for customers, such as Numerical Controlled Double Needle Bar Plush Raschel Machine and Numerical Controlled Mesh Cloth Warp Knitting Machine. Wu Yang plans to bring three machines to ITMA: 1. High Speed Double Needle Bar Warp Knitting Machine: This machine has been developed for producing backing fabrics, short pile plush fabrics, shoe fabrics and spacer fabrics. The maximum speed is 800 rpm.

2. Numerical controlled mesh cloth warp knitting machine: This machine has been developed for producing different kinds of shoe fabrics, apparel fabrics, protective nets, fishing nets, packaging nets, wire nets, luggage fabrics, fibreglass nets for spaceflight and sports nets and other kinds of nets. The maximum speed is 850 rpm.

3. Plush Pattern Fabrics And Blanket Warp Knitting Machine: This machine has been developed for producing short, middle and tall plush fabrics with pattern. Fabrics mainly used for filter material are for air conditioners, apparel fabrics, plush toys, blankets, upholstery fabrics and other fabrics. The maximum speed is 700 rpm.

Published on: 05/10/2015

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