Interview with Mr Uwe Halder

Mr Uwe Halder
Mr Uwe Halder

CHT/BEZEMA group is most globally multi-centered German company. What are the challenges and advantages?

Regarding the textile industry we do not expect in the future any growth potential in Europe. Therefore CHT/BEZEMA group is focusing in the traditional core competence textile auxiliaries and dyes, to expand the business in regions like Asia and South America. This strategical approach is supported by investments like set up of the production site in Pakistan and Peru.

In Europe we focus on double digit growth in our new business fields textile care, construction chemicals and performance chemicals. CHT/BEZEMA group is producing textile auxiliaries locally in most of the important textile countries since many years. Based on CHT/BEZEMA philosophy not running the subsidiaries with expatriates, but with local management, knowing best the culture and the needs of the customers, we are able to react flexible to changing market conditions. CHT/BEZEMA group is operating 15 production sites worldwide. Production sites are among others located in Shanghai, Dongguan and BoLou (China), Taloja (India), Lahore (Pakistan), Cajamar (Brazil), Istanbul (Turkey) Westmead (South Africa), Montlingen (Switzerland), Torreon (Mexico), Dusslingen (close to Tübingen) and Oyten (Germany).

Our R&D activities are centralized in our centre of competence in Tübingen for textile auxiliaries, construction chemicals and performance chemicals like silicones. BEZEMA AG in Switzerland is responsible for the R&D in respect of dyestuff. But important for a global success in all companies of CHT/BEZEMA group is still the comprehensive know-how transfer to the local acting technicians. This is guaranteed through regular training sessions within the different centres of competence as well as permanent support and visits by the technical experts from the different technical service departments to our customers together with the local technicians worldwide. Additionally CHT invites the customers to technical symposiums in Tübingen and Montlingen to intensify the technical dialogue and the relationship.

The industry is facing a price challenge; your comments please?

In year 2008/2009 the global speciality chemicals industry was affected by the crisis. Up to 24% of the loss in sales had to be absorbed. The shrinking raw material prices were benefiting the profit situation last year worldwide.

But the global industrial crisis is not banned yet. The industrial production is not running at full capacity therefore currently increasing raw material cost will be a big challenge for all industrial segments and countries and at the end of the day the industry has to pass the price increase on their customers.

In order to differentiate, the next wave is going to be about how much of innovation there is in the output. What is your take on this?

The development of innovative products secures on a long term perspective the competitiveness of CHT/BEZEMA group. Furthermore is the main target of our today R&D to develop new solutions and products according to our strategy in order to support the set-up of new business fields.

To achieve a profitable growth in a dynamic competitive surrounding CHT/BEZEMA group need to recognize and develop R&D opportunities at an early stage. Therefore CHT/BEZEMA group is enlarging their competence network by research co-operations and joint projects with research institutes universities and other innovative companies.

The central R&D department of CHT/BEZEMA group in Tübingen is including also a high qualified innovation team.

Published on: 07/06/2010

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