Interview with Cindy Zheng Luo
Cindy Zheng Luo
Cindy Zheng Luo
Chairwoman and Chief Designer

“The power of beauty is nothing less than thought” quotes globally renowned, Chinese by birth, designer Cindy Zheng Luo, justifying her intense passion for beautifying the things around. Personae & Inspiration Cindy Zheng Luo- a dab hand on female prêt-à-porter, has been full of enthusiasm for fashion and fashion design ever since she was a little girl. She dreamed that she had a pair of magic wings, which helped her in care-free designs and towards the beauty of fancy fashion world. Although she studied international business when she was in college, Zheng has never given up her strong passion for beauty and fashion. Zheng is remarkably adept at integrating the design elements of the beauty and life of nature with her creative enthusiasm and inspiration. Zheng always chooses natural fabrics which give her an organic and eco-friendly flare. In addition, she is also good at optimizing beading and hollowing techniques to express her concepts of beauty in women. Zheng believes that the perfection of human nature, no matter whether is in the West or the East, is driven by the power of chasing beauty. In her path of chasing beauty in fashion, Zheng leads the continued success of OmniaLuo and delivers beauty in fashion in China and beyond. Career Highlights Corporate: Arts graduate in International Finance from Shenzhen University (1991), Zheng has been active in the fashion design and retail business for over 10 years. Over a decade ago in 1996 Zheng founded brand OmniaLuo Inc that has become one of the most successful fashion companies in mainland China. Showing successful entrepreneur skills as a Chairwoman and Chief Designer at OmniaLuo, Zheng has taken the brand image of the OmniaLuo to the international recognition. Zheng has also served as Chief Designer and Chairwoman for Shenzhen Oriental Fashion Co; Chairwoman and CEO of Oumeng (2003 - 2007) and for Green"s Apparel (1996 - 2003); and has also been member of the China Fashion Designer Association and the Fashion and Art Committee. Accolades: The highlight of Zheng’s fashion career include the Golden Peak Award in 2006- the most honored professional award in fashion design industry, the Lycra in Style Designer Award in 2005 presented by Harper’s Bazaar, and the Most Outstanding Asian Designer Award in 2004 presented by Louis Vuitton. In 2003, Zheng won the Platinum Originality Award presented by Nautica Foundation in the United States and was invited as an

You have been recently accredited the title '2008 Chinese Fashion Designer of the Year' by Cosmopolitan Magazine. Our heartiest compliments to you! When was it that Cindy discovered a designer in herself and the vested power of beautifying the world around?

It was when I was 10 years old, the first time I made myself a skirt on one of the pattern that I used to draw for dolls. I can clearly recall all those details of that light yellow dress! I wore that dress till I was 14, but as I grew taller it fitted no more.

What all are the inspiring elements behind your designs? Why and where your pieces of work stand different to myriad contenders of this field?

Traditional culture, art, craft (such as poetry, painting, architecture and embroidery) and the various beauty endowed by the variety of nature could inspire me and be used as design elements.

People of different age have different understanding about beauty, fashion is moving architecture in my understanding, my designs are fit for those elegant women longing to live in romantic space.

Published on: 14/03/2009

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