Interview with Giulio Bonazzi

Giulio Bonazzi
Giulio Bonazzi

Being a major exporter, European industry also faces tough import competition from Asian countries; it will bring pressure to the industry profit periphery, exports/imports as well as on the trade motif/norms. How do you see it can be perpetuated or modulated?

The situation is not easy: As I said before we import a lot of fibers and ready made garments from overseas. The European economic situation is not so smart at the time being, and an import is must, considering the high cost we have to support here in Europe. This bad situation caused a lot of bankruptcies, many companies shut down (and not only small ones) and consequently there has been a significant loss of jobs. But in my opinion customers do not need products at a lower cost only. They ask for quality, experience and also for quick delivery times. This means that they are not always available to wait few months before receiving their goods. Furthermore as CIRFS, we are asking to the European Commission to define correct rules about the import/export duties. We are in favor, both to the abolition of the various duties or to the reciprocity. We would love to have no duty when we import as well as when we export to the various countries (China, India, North America, United States, Brazil etc.)

CIRFS looks after the risk of the propagation of energy taxes and probably this would make the competitive scenario in Europe and globally. Hence it can be detrimental to man-made fibre industry? Please interpret.

As we said before we give big importance to the energy costs: more energy costs means lower competitiveness and there is more probability to shift productions from elsewhere. Once more, efficiency and specialization of productions are the only alternative options to solve the problem in Europe.
Published on: 09/05/2012

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