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Sanal Kumar
Sanal Kumar
Chairman and Managing Director
Classic Fashion
Classic Fashion

You have been in the garment and textile industry since long, and can probably give an exact picture of the textile industry in Jordan. What do you have to say about the textile industry in Jordan in comparison to the textile industry of other countries in Asia?

From your questionnaire, I assume you might have visited our web site, and so its content. I am a Chartered Accountant by profession and got into garment Industry in the year 1991 as a Finance Manager in one of the garment factories in Dubai. I have been working at different levels in this industry since then, till I decided to become an entrepreneur in the year 2003. I initially visited Jordan in the year 2000 to set up a Garment Factory for one of the trading houses in Abu Dhabi. The first and foremost reason for me to opt Jordan was it's Free Trade Agreement with USA. This gave a definite edge in pricing over most of the countries in the world. In an FOB of a garment, 70% goes for fabric and accessories and the balance 30% is for its making cost and profit. Since the duty on importing garments made of synthetic fiber ranges between 30 to 33% in USA, it gives a definite price advantage for products of Jordan origin. Moreover, Jordan is very much Investor friendly with ZERO red tapism and almost a corruption free country. Further, it helps investors to bring expert machine operators from all parts of the world. This helps the factories to offer best of needle works to its customers in USA. More so, the country is free of strikes, stoppage of work, etc. and this helps to meet delivery deadlines at all times.

How is the textile industry of Jordan different from the textile industry of India?

Believe my above notes will hold good for this question too.

Jordan has a vast cultural heritage when it comes to textile. Has the country remained successful in preserving its cultural heritage in its textile industry till date?

I don't think Jordan was having any textile cultural heritage, in fact I should say it didn't have. Though there were some small textile industries in the past, the real boom started only in 1996 after the country signed peace treaty with Israel; because of which it started enjoying special relations with US. This way this industry is pretty new for the country.
Published on: 13/10/2014

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