Interview with Sanal Kumar

Sanal Kumar
Sanal Kumar
Chairman and Managing Director
Classic Fashion
Classic Fashion

Classic Fashion was quite in news sometime back owing to its noncompliance issues and worker right abuses. What efforts have been made with regards to compliance in the factories of Classic Fashion in Jordan?

Classic Fashion was always a well complied factory and it is in the GOLDEN LIST published by the Ministry of Labor, since its inception of GOLDEN LIST in the year 2006. The company enjoyed its customers confidence at all times and none of its customers ever dropped Classic Fashion from their supply chain. Rather, we have grown from a mere $2 million turnover in the year 2003 to a $250 million company in this year, and majority of these sales come from its old trusted customers like Wal-mart, Hanes Brands Inc and Jones Apparel Group. Further we have succeeded in adding prestigious brands like Under Armour and NIKE in this year. None of these brands would have ever come or stayed with us, if we were or are exposed to compliance threats claimed by that NGO. We are the single largest garment exporter of Jordan, exporting 18% of country's garments export by value.

Can you give some estimate about the number of foreign workers employed in the textile industry of Jordan? Is the number pretty high?

The industry does have 55,000 workers; of this 40,000 are migrant workers and 15,000 are Jordanians.

Can you explain a bit about Jordan as a sourcing destination?

I have explained this in your questionnaire#1. To explain further, Jordan is a sourcing destination because: *It enjoys duty free access to USA and Canada, which gives a huge price advantage. *The country is investor friendly, with Zero red tapism, Zero corruption, almost no strikes, no stoppage of work, etc. *One can achieve very good needle work due to experienced and expertise workers from different part of the world. *One can give ON time deliveries, since the country is not exposed to strikes and hartals.

Power crisis and energy shortages are some of the major disadvantages of the textile industry of Jordan. Do you agree? Please explain your views.

Though there are power crises and energy shortages, but the country supplies enough and uninterrupted energy at a price. The increased price we pay for energy can be very well offset by the duty free status the country enjoys, thereby the factories in Jordan can get better price from its customers to offset the increased cost we pay for energy.

Has government support remained noteworthy in the uplifting of the textile industry of Jordan, or is there room for more improvement in that area?

As I wrote earlier, the country is very investor friendly and does support its investors in all possible ways. Being said this, any and every situation can be improved at all times and so the industrial environments in Jordan. Thank you.
Published on: 13/10/2014

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