Interview with Joakim Staberg

Joakim Staberg
Joakim Staberg

How does this new technology work?

Coloreel is a digital technology. The first product, Embroline, will be accompanied by our unique embroidery colouring software. With this software, you can make sure that each and every part of the thread has a suitable colour to match the embroidery design. You can create your own thread colouring effects and save them in libraries. If you would like to embroider grass, you can make an effect where the thread colour quickly changes between any number of green shades, to make your embroidered grass look more natural.

Does Embroline work with all types of threads and embroidery machines?

By utilising the patented Coloreel technology, machines can be built for colouring threads made of any type of fibre. Embroline uses a unique white Embroline thread based on polyester. Once the thread has been dyed by Embroline and the embroidery is finished, it can instantly be used and washed without further post-treatment.

What is the production capacity of Embroline? Does it need to be changed after a specific interval?

The embroidery machine pulls the thread from the Embroline attachment with a thread speed that is decided by the stitch lengths in the embroidery produced. When you see that the Embroline thread reel is finished, you change it to a new reel. Embroline will inform the user when the ink cartridges are finished. An ink cartridge will normally last for months, for most embroidery producers.

Tell us something on the R&D that went into it.

The R&D for the Coloreel technology has been excessive and conducted for more than seven years under strict confidentiality. The reason for the confidentiality was that the company wanted to file a number of patent applications on key functionality before telling the world what is about to emerge.

Embroline was showcased at the recently held Avantex Paris trade fair? What kind of response did it get at the event?

From September 2016 to February 2017, the two times that we have participated at Avantex Paris, the response from the audience has been very positive. We have been contacted by some of the most exclusive fashion brands, some of the largest companies within the apparel and the embroidery industries and some leading textile machine producers.

How will the technology develop further in the future?

Later on we will expand into other areas such as sewing, knitting, weaving, etc. This may be done through corporations or licenses on our technology.

Which countries will you focus on to begin with?

Our focus at the beginning will be Europe and North America targeting the small and medium commercial embroidery producers, retailers and designers, before moving towards large embroidery producers.

When will you start shipping Embroline? How much will it cost?

Regarding the price and shipping time, we will release more details later this year.
Published on: 11/04/2017

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