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Colourtex Industries Ltd
Colourtex Industries Ltd
Colourtex Industries Ltd
Colourtex Industries Ltd

India is invariably in the compromise-and-run mode
Founded in the late sixties, Colourtex Industries provides a product mix of over 750 dyes to the textile and leather industry. In conversation with Fibre2Fashion, the spokesperson of the company discusses the ups and downs for the textile niche.

What is the size of the global market for textile dyes and chemicals? At what rate is it growing?

Whatever the size of the dyes and chemicals market, supply exceeds demand. Real issues plaguing the industry are water and pollution management. These are water intensive industries and the world is running short of potable water. Other present and long-term concerns are labour and the environment. Those who can manage these variables prudently will survive and sustain. Size and growth of the industry do not really excite us any more.

Which major sectors in the Indian textile industry need immediate government intervention? What is the kind of governmental help that will advance growth in your field?

Other than offer sops and impose regulations, the government can do little to resolve industry problems. This industry has been there for a very long while and its problems and solutions are related to time, intent and resources.

How do you see the Indian textile industry evolve in terms of technology by 2020?

The Indian textile industry is adopting newer technologies slower than the rest of the world. Countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and China have gone ahead with technology. How do you see the Indian textile industry evolve in terms of technology by 2020?

India missed out on a golden opportunity after the phasing out of quotas in early 2000. Once again, doorways have opened for India including the rising cost of labour in China and other issues elsewhere. What are the top actions that the government and the industry need to take so that we do not miss out on the opportunity again?

We have a fixed mindset. There is absolutely no comparison between us and China. Chinese labour costs may have gone up but their productivity makes them more economical and efficient. What we gain in our creativity, we lose in lack of discipline. We are content to meet immediate and less stringent domestic demand. This is the mindset of 80 per cent of the players. The rest are progressive and futuristic.
Published on: 17/07/2017

DISCLAIMER: All views and opinions expressed in this column are solely of the interviewee, and they do not reflect in any way the opinion of Fibre2Fashion.com.

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