Interview with Cindy McNaull

Cindy McNaull
Cindy McNaull
Global Brand & Marketing Director

The consumer values performance
Invista is one of the world's largest integrated producers of chemical intermediates, polymers and fibres. Cordura is a patented fabric from Invista. Cindy McNaull, Global Brand & Marketing Director, Cordura discusses about the technological innovations and markets for the fabric with

What makes Cordura so durable?

For more than 45 years, Cordura fabrics have provided enhanced protection, durability and comfort. Our goal is to provide high-performance protective solutions that inspire designers and product developers to create functional and differentiated solutions for their customers. Historically, our fabrics have been used in military equipment, technical backpacks and other end-uses that require rugged, durable fabrics performing even in the toughest environments. Cordura fabrics are so engineered that they are difficult to tear, abrade or wear out. The brand DNA is built around pushing the boundaries of fabric durability, so we have continued to introduce durable yet lightweight fabrics. One example is our extensive line of Cordura Lite and Lite Plus for use in applications such as bags, packs, luggage and garment reinforcements. This class of fabrics is constructed using Invista's high tenacity airbag fibres and feature nylon 6,6 fibre technology that is stronger than steel. The result is enhanced tensile strength performance for applications where lightweight durability is a must. We have launched apparel-focused fabric technologies like Cordura Denim, Cordura Canvas and Cordura Naturalle fabrics, with our most recent additions, Cordura Combat Wool and Cordura 4Ever Fleece. These are designed to be worn next-to-skin and offer stylish comfort as well as durable, long-lasting performance.

Apart from durability, what are the other advantages in these fabrics?

In keeping with our core mission of 'Durable Fabrics for Durable People', our innovations are targeted towards end-use applications where durability is required and where there is a demand for products with long-lasting performance. Cordura fabrics can be used in a wide variety of product applications, and we are always looking to push the durable limits of fibre and fabric technologies. We recognise that traditional boundaries are changing, and maximum versatility is a must. So, we experiment with new ingredients and technologies which focus on solutions that enhance the user experience. One such example is our latest, the Denim Alchemy collection. These fabrics take inspiration from seemingly magical process of alchemy - transformation, creation and combination. These are technical denims conjured from carefully crafted blends of natural and manmade fibres to deliver stylish, versatile, yet high-performance solutions. For this collection, we have combined our original, powerful, strong, hardwearing denim with new offerings with moisture management, quick-dry and temperature regulation capabilities, enhanced stretch and recovery functionality and softness of Lyocell fibre. Rugged yet smooth, durable and lightweight, tough but comfortable, this is the new generation of Cordura denim, exploring the past to reinvent the future. Fabrics in the Denim Alchemy collection are available from: 1. Artistic Milliners 2. Advance Denim 3. Samtex
Published on: 07/04/2016

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