Interview with Mr Wang Xiao Hu

Mr Wang Xiao Hu
Mr Wang Xiao Hu
Vice President
China Texmatech Co Ltd (CTMTC)
China Texmatech Co Ltd (CTMTC)

China Texmatech Co., Ltd. (CTMTC), established in 1984, is the largest enterprise in China specialized in the import and export of textile machinery and technology. As the key enterprise of China Hengtian Group Co., it became one of the state’s important enterprises under the direct administration of the central government of China in 1998. The company has turned into company limited from state-owned company after gaining the share capital from Jingwei Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. in 2004. Presently, the company focuses its business on the import and export of textile machinery and technology, textile products and garments, textile raw material, and engineering contracted, etc. Since its foundation, the company has made outstanding achievements with its good service, personnel training and strengthened management in order to aim to enhance its main business of textile machinery. For years, it ranks among China’s top 500 enterprises of which the total volume of imports and exports are the biggest. Up till now, it has contributed a total value of more than USD 3 billions of imports and exports to China’s textile industry. Mr Wang Xiao Hu is the Vice President of CTMTC. Speaking candidly with Face2Face team, Mr Wang Xiao Hu provides a larger picture of Chinese textile machinery's current market.

Having spent over two decades at the service of textile industry, how has CTMTC placed itself on this front?

We consider ourselves as a supplier with good quality and best service. We would like to be a window through which Chinese textile machinery companies can walk in and stand on the global stage, and foreign customers can “see” more about Chinese textile industry.

China textile & clothing industry has witnessed a rosy 2007. How has 2008 begun for select industry?

As a trading company, we are facing more difficulties in the current year: the influence of US Dollar’s depreciation, and new tight monetary policy are getting acute day by day. In such a situation, the beginning months’ minus increase has been seen enough. However, the China textile and clothing industry is back to a normal way.

Which all business strategies and core corporate values have been success building blocks for your Group?

While doing business, we have been always following policies: being honest, customers the highest, unity and hardworking, pioneering and advancement.

Technology and human resources have been always considered as our core corporate values.

Which are your client countries? How do you view Asia from business potential point of view?

Our clients are all over the world. For textile machinery, our clients are in Asia, for raw materials, textiles and garments, our clients are in Europe and USA.

We have a global reach. However, as a textile machinery manufacturer, Asia is our most important target client, especially India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand etc. As a group of developing countries, Asian people not only feed as the largest population, but also perform as the world’s production base; the strong demand in the huge market attracts every “business man”, including CTMTC.

Can you share with our global audience, the recent export/import figures and preferences for respective categories in Chinese machinery market?

China’s textiles machinery export in 2007 was 1.528 bn USD and growth rate was 23.5%, and Import in 2007 was 4.9 bn USD and growth rate was 19.74%.

Catering to global exports market in select sector, which markets have you observed to be price sensitive and which are the quality conscious one?

In my opinion, competitive price and fantastic quality are of equal importance all the time. We, CTMTC, are always trying to supply good quality and relatively low price products.

Energy saving equipments are in vogue these days. How well is Chinese machinery manufacturers geared up to please this trend?

Energy saving is extremely necessary and will be the mainstream in the future. As a machinery manufacturer, CTMTC has put a lot of time, money and energy to develop energy saving machines. We have to do so and we are willing to do so.

Can you brief about CSC9000T - China Social Compliance 9000 for Textile & Apparel Industry? How is CTMTC going with it?

As a document of wide influence, the core of CSC9000T is to establish a social compliance system based on human, that means it will able to effectively guarantee the legal benefit of employees, inspirit employees to become the owner of their companies, and make a job not just a must for living, but a value of existence and an embodiment of life. Considering the condition of safe production of domestic enterprises, CSC9000T especially reinforces the management criterion of occupation health and operation risk. Furthermore, compared with other international social compliances, CSC9000T adds the regulations about labor contracts, which helps employees to safeguard their own rights and benefits effectively and legally.

CTMTC is a state-owed enterprise, while pursuing benefits; we are carrying more social responsibility. We are trying and willing to do everything under the supervision of CSC9000T, CTMTC is not only a business unit, but also a family of all staffs!

Published on: 09/06/2008

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