Interview with Morgan Mallett

Morgan Mallett
Morgan Mallett
Owner & Creative designer
Design + Conquer
Design + Conquer

What are the achievements for your sustainable collection in particular?

The collection has been enthusiastically received, and I'm currently developing a line for a company in Portugal. Exciting things to come!

What do you think of sustainable design in the fashion industry?

It is alive and growing, especially here in Vancouver.

What is the size of the market for sustainable fashion at a global level?

The market is enormous, and it is continuing to grow. Consumers are tired of buying clothes whose quality deteriorates only after few wears and washes. We are all becoming aware of the incredible damage our culture of consumption and planned obsolescence is having on our world. More and more people want to know how and where their clothing is made. Consumers have more power than we realise.

What sustainability trends are you seeing in the fashion industry?

I'm seeing more and more plant-based textiles used in designs as well as 3D-printing processes. I can see a future where there is less human labour in fashion, and more machine-driven manufacturing.

What are the challenges facing the sustainable fashion segment?

One of the main challenges is the already established fashion system. It has been with us for so long, and it has been a huge financial success. When a sector generates so much income, it's hard to create change and convince stakeholders to shift towards a new way of operating. I think the mental shift-not the mechanics of physical change-is the big hurdle for sustainability in our industry.

What are your aspirations for sustainability?

I look forward to a future where we don't even need to use the term!

Sustainable fashion is not necessarily pocket-friendly; are people willing to spend?

I'm noticing that consumers are more and more inclined to buy better quality pieces of clothing, even if this means buying less frequently. This flies in the face of our established system of planned obsolesce, and it's exciting to be a part of this shift!
Published on: 25/02/2017

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