Interview with Eugene Deleplanque

Eugene Deleplanque
Eugene Deleplanque
Dickson Group
Dickson Group

What is the role of technical textiles in home textiles?

The applications of technical fabrics indoor are multiple: curtains, cushions, bedspreads, blinds, etc. Treated to resist fire, they are also safe for the habitat, enhance insulation and provide a decorative touch.

How competitive is the global market for marine furnishing industry? How do you foresee the marine furnishing industry over the years?

It blows a wind of optimism on the market of the sailing, both from the point of view of the shipbuilding and on the renovation. Indeed with a park of boats in Europe estimated in more of 7.5M (84 % less than 7.5m, 13 % between 7.5 and 12M, 2.5 % between 12 and 24m and 0.5 % beyond 24m), and an average age of more than 23 years (80 % of boats built before 2000), it means that the market concerning renovation will be supported in the future years. Furthermore, the first signs of exit of crisis of the nautical sector in Europe are visible and the development of the market of the sailing in numerous emerging countries (BRIC.) will support the market for new boats during numerous years. The market of the furnishing fabrics will not escape this bright spell.

How is Dickson different from other technical textile manufacturers?

Dickson is using for most of its products 100% solution dyed acrylic, is developing a real "savoir-faire" in the weaving process, and is doing the necessary to always deliver products as performing as aesthetic.

Do you think that the technical textile industry is sustainable enough in the global arena? Do you think strict international laws will make a difference to the entire scenario or are the present guidelines on sustainable activities enough for the technical textiles industry?

It is evaluated that a typical outdoor screen in Sunworker which only uses about 5,7 kg of CO2 in production, maintenance and disposal, saves over its lifetime about 8,5 tons of CO2 however in cooling needs which are avoided. Concerning, international laws, those are strict: - that is why we have chosen to anticipate in order to always providing safe, reliable and innovative products to our clients/designers/sellers. Our leading position allows us to see the future with confidence even if it's a fast moving market.
Published on: 31/03/2014

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