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Sudhir Shenoy
Sudhir Shenoy
Dow India
Dow India

Our focus is on innovating in India, for India
Sudhir Shenoy was recently appointed CEO of Dow India. Shenoy talks about his future plans in the company, the textile chemicals industry in India, and the part played by Dow India in the uplifting of the industry in an interview with fibre2fashion.com.

Being the new face of Dow India, what plans do you have for the company for the near future? What is the target growth that Dow India is looking at in the next two years?

It's a great feeling to lead the company I have been a part of for 17 years. I think we are in a fantastic place - both in our growth journey and in our market positioning; and I hope in the next two years, we are able to take it several notches up. Dow India has achieved double digit growth over the last few years. Our focus on 'customer connect and local innovation' has helped us cross the significant milestone of US$ 1 billion in 2014. We are looking to double this figure by 2020. The key growth drivers for us in India have been packaging, polyurethanes, water solutions and personal care, pharma and biocides; and I am happy to see that we are also showing a promising growth in sectors such as agrochemicals, coating solutions and more. As you may have observed in the recent past, Dow's transformation from a commodity to a specialty chemicals company is being fuelled by scientific innovation, preferential investment in higher performing businesses, understanding and meeting the needs of customers, and a continued focus on financial discipline. In the next two years, Dow India will benefit from the product outflow of its two joint ventures - the Dow-Saudi Aramco joint venture in the Middle East (The Sadara Chemical Company), and the Dow-SCG joint venture for polyols production in Map Ta Phut, Thailand.We measure our success in terms of the relationships we foster with our customers, and the quality application development and innovation we bring in creating valued products. We have made significant progress in this direction. Dow India has a portfolio of 3000+ solutions that address the current needs of consumers. Our 2000+ customers leverage Dow solutions effectively to satisfy the future needs of the market. Our focus will always remain on understanding the market thoroughly and staying ahead on the innovation curve.

What are the business opportunities you see in the textile chemicals industry?

The needs of the textile industry span across multiple categories in upstream and downstream deliveries. Dow India is a significant enabler in the textile value chain. Our agriculture portfolio can enhance productivity of cotton yields. Our processing and dyeing chemical solutions are an accumulation of best practices from all over the world, and can augment quality and productivity of mill owners. Our packaging solutions ensure optimum mill-to-mall efficiencies, and our effluent treatment solutions pave the way for sustainable manufacturing practices. Further, Dow's microbial control solutions provide functional benefits as per consumer demand to retailers with minimal loss during storage and transportation. In this manner, different businesses within Dow India cater to the needs of the textiles industry, and together, we provide a holistic portfolio to the industry.
Published on: 21/04/2015

DISCLAIMER: All views and opinions expressed in this column are solely of the interviewee, and they do not reflect in any way the opinion of Fibre2Fashion.com.

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