Interview with Simon Herriott

Simon Herriott
Simon Herriott
Global Business Director - Biomaterials
DuPont Industrial Biosciences
DuPont Industrial Biosciences

Which countries are the top users of your product lines in this vertical?

Sorona has been adopted worldwide in its key segments. Sorona's softness, stain resistance and lower environmental footprint have made it a preferred choice in high-quality residential carpets in the major regional carpet markets of North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. In the interconnected worldwide apparel markets, Sorona has been chosen by leading brands for its gentle stretch, soft hand-feel, and reduced footprint for sale in markets all over the globe.

You claim to offer sustainable products. But the company invariably finds itself embroiled in environmental issues or controversies. How do you explain that?

Sustainability is at the core of what we do - from creating market-facing, sustainable solutions to addressing the global challenges of the future. Feeding the world, decreasing dependence on fossil fuels, and protecting people and the environment are some of the world's toughest problems that require long-term thinking and science-driven innovation. DuPont's 10,000 scientists and engineers are working with academia, governments, other companies and non-governmental organisations around the world to solve these challenges. Sorona is an excellent example of how DuPont is leading the transition from fossil fuels to renewable resources. Sorona contains 37 per cent renewable plant-based ingredients by weight (28 per cent bio-based carbon). It has a remarkably small environmental footprint: producing Sorona uses 30 per cent less energy and releases 63 per cent fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to the production of nylon 6, which is made from fossil fuels. Compared to nylon 6,6, Sorona production uses 40 per cent less energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 56 per cent. From polymer production to extrusion at lower temperatures, to lower dyeing temperatures, to easy care for consumers, Sorona provides sustainability benefits throughout the value chain. DuPont has made it possible for apparel designers, mills and manufacturers to produce sustainable clothing that consumers want with the performance benefits they demand.
Published on: 27/03/2015

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