Interview with Micke Magnusson

Micke Magnusson
Micke Magnusson
Chief Commercial Officer

What new inventions are you coming up with respect to dyeing technology?

Mid 2020 we commercially launched our yarn-dyeing application which has taken us over 5 years to engineer, develop and validate.

Which consumer trend is going to drive the way you do business in the next 2-3 years?

I don't speak about sustainability as a trend, it is a paradigm shift, and a movement. However, the demand for better, less polluting practices, processes and products will only increase. In the field of sustainability, I see 3 key topics:

1. Climate change or in essence Co2 emissions which demands more recycled content in terms of raw-materials usage
2. Water emissions - The use and pollution of drinking water our industry is accountable for
3. Usage of hazardous chemicals in our industry - The idea of using chemicals for making the production process more efficient and cheaper, is something our children will hold us accountable for in the coming generations.

What are the short and long-term sustainability goals set at Dyecoo?

Our strategy is very simple. For every machine we produce and install, we exclude a massive amount of water and chemicals from the production of apparel. So, if our machines today produce 9000 tonnes of fabric, we know we save roughly 50 litres of water per kilogram.

What percentage of sustainability and circularity does your technology promise?

To build on the above, we also eliminate roughly 160 tonnes of chemicals per machine per year. The savings are massive!

What are the major challenges faced by the dyeing industry today?

There are many factors. My personal key concern is that the dyeing industry is full of old, obsolete machines and processes. The reason for this is simple - dyehouses are one of the least sexy part of our industry to invest in as they have high capex, low margins. Therefore, our industry is not moving very fast. Many of the machinery I see are over 25 years old. You know, in most Western capitals, cars of this age are not allowed any more. A dyeing machine is obviously not a car, also I would like to see brands and retailers develop a deeper understanding and commitments in their supply-chains. Just nominating the tier 1 is simply not good enough, and it won't drive the change our planet needs.

Which are some of the major collaborations happening between you and other dyestuff and chemical companies?

There are few in pipeline, but I will come back to you on the matter when we are ready to launch. One thing I can mention is that we have been working closely with Dupont and the Sorona team, and we have validated a few fabrics together - imagine a fully stretch PET fabric without polyurethane and dyed without water…it is a pretty strong offer, if you ask me!

What are your growth expectations from the company for the next two fiscals revenue wise?

I think our focus as a company will be to drive a wider adoption for our technology. We are working together with dedicated brands and retailers, as well as committed producers and factory owners. It looks like we will enter both Bangladesh and Turkey in 2020/21 and we are also looking into how to service the demands we experience from US and South America.

What are your future plans?

Well, we want to service 1 per cent of the dyeing industry for polyester. It might not sound like much, but it is a large and fragmented industry. We are far far from reaching this any time soon. But in order to make this world better, we need to install more dyeing machines without the need of water and chemicals. (PC)
Published on: 09/10/2020

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