Interview with Alberto Paccanelli

Alberto Paccanelli
Alberto Paccanelli

Pakistan T&C industry is leading in terms of exports and waiver on its T&C products will allow them to have duty free access in to the EU market. This is a one-side benefit to Pakistan but can also deteriorate trade relation with EU. So what do you think which country can replace Pakistan on it?

Euratex is strongly against the waiver to Pakistan because it is an unilateral measure, has no substantive trade motives and it will favor one of the EU leading suppliers in T&C that for a considerable number of products represents already more than 60 percent of EU Imports. The waiver is still not implemented and from our part we will try to delay as much as possible its entry into force and do the utmost to ensure that EU producers will have a mechanism to react in case of market disruption. The waiver will affect EU producers but also other competitors of Pakistan like India or Turkey.

How do you see the consumer demand supports to the textile sector in EU?

The economic climate in Europe, especially in some economies, is not very positive and this has negative repercussions on consumption. Moreover, EU is a mature market and we cannot expect high growth rates on traditional products/markets, particularly in the fashion segment. However, when it comes to technical applications the developments in research and innovation are creating new products and market opportunities both in mature and emerging markets and the growth potential is high.

As the voice of European T&C industry, how do you see the trade policy play a vital role to thrive in the world markets?

One of the major objectives of Euratex is to ensure an improved worldwide access for T&C. EU trade policy is key in attaining this objective since it defines the EU priorities in terms of bilateral trade negotiations and it is a backbone of the market access strategy that intends to solve problems, EU companies are facing daily on Third Markets. So trade policy is critical to ensure an enhanced business environment for our companies.
Published on: 16/04/2012

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