Interview with Mr. Peter Mandelson

Mr. Peter Mandelson
Mr. Peter Mandelson
European Commissioner For Trade
European Commission
European Commission

Born in Britain in 1953 Mr. Peter Mandelson was a student of Philosophy, Politics and Economics at St Catherine’s College, Oxford. In his youth living in Tanzania for a year, gave him an experience which formed life-long impressions of Africa and the challenges of fighting poverty.

Being in the hot seat of Trade Commissioner for the European Union, how has Mr. Peter Mandelson evolved as a “person of the hour” to take up this challenging assignment?

This is certainly a fast moving job. My previous positions in the British Government were very demanding, but this has been the most demanding post I have ever had, in terms of both the volume and complexity of the work. This job requires me to have an overview on a huge range of issues. When I am in Brussels my day tends to be divided into half hour slots from 8am to 8pm and this is often followed by a working dinner. The issues I have to focus on range from the Doha Trade talks to Africa to textiles to aircraft to the external aspects of competitiveness to China etc. The list is endless. I see a great many visitors every day. Meetings tend to be interesting, but they all require detailed preparation. I have also had to adapt to the ways of the Commission and to representing the interests of 25 Member States - keeping the European Council united at the last World Trade talks in December 2005 was a great achievement in that respect.
Published on: 03/07/2006

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