Interview with Alex Zucchi

Alex Zucchi
Alex Zucchi
MD and GM
Ferraro SPA
Ferraro SPA

What will Ferraro showcase at the ITMA Milan fair?

Ferraro will showcase new compacting line combined with special rubber sanforizer, which are suitable for very light and sensitive fabrics such as pure viscose, modal, tencel, etc.

What are its expectations from the fair?

According to our latest customer-visit worldwide, we should get a huge number of qualified customers, specifically interested in getting fabric quality improvement.

What new can the industry expect from Ferraro in textile finishing machines?

Ferraro is known for its high-reliability, seriousness, and after-sales service support. Being the first to be developing compacting machine for high-quality fabrics, customers are always behind us; and thanks to them, we are strongly stimulated -- all the time finding new production solutions for their needs. Ferraro invests a lot in R&D, and hopefully, soon, we will be able to offer a new revolutionary solution.

What differentiates Italian textiles machines from the rest?

The medium size of the Italian manufacturing companies is quite small compared to other nations. On one side, it doesn't help too much on the financial side; on the other, it allows us great flexibility and creativity. Probably, the maximum expression of the Italian style!

Any plans to outsource production?

Not at all! We have been approached many times in this regard, but we are focused on quality, and prefer investing in latest technologies, new CNC machines, and higher efficiencies in order to compete in the market.

How energy-efficient and environment-friendly are your manufacturing units?

We have been approved by the Green Label company. We are constantly searching for any possible application allowing better environmental respect. The energy required for machines assembly is almost 100 per cent provided by our photovoltaic plant.

Which are the regions where you sell the most? What are your plans for expansion?

We cover 66 countries all over the world. The east part of the world still represents our main area; but, in the recent past, there are new countries showing up in the picture such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Angola, etc.

Where do the Asian markets, especially India and China, feature in your scheme of things?

We certainly cannot avoid these countries. They represent the majority of our sales; but many other minor countries are growing up too, and we expect a lot from them, most probably more than India and China.

What is your total turnover? What percentage of this is used towards R&D?

The total turnover is approximately Euro 15 million, and approximately 3.5 per cent is used in R&D.

Which countries give you the best business?

Most probably Turkey, but also Indonesia, Bangladesh and India give us the best business.
Published on: 06/05/2015

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